Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Modern Test Tube Baby Centre in Punjab – Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital

Recently Dr. Sumita Sofat hospital (Test Tube Baby Centre in Punjab) has organized the training program and medical conference on the infertility topic which is very often to discuss. Infertility is the problems of many human beings that they have to suffer. Around about 15% of the population has got affected by this problem and going to the centres for treatment. Solution of this problem is now available in our country. As earlier there was no effective alternative to remove this problem permanently. But India is considered as the topmost leading country in terms of medical tourism which has gained the immense success in improving the health issues of many patients that are international as well as Indians. 

Surjit Kumar Jyani who is the health minister of Punjab inaugurated the conference. He discussed about the infertility concept and said that couples should not ruin their hope of becoming a parent who are facing infertility problem. They should go for treatment from the best hospitals which have good reviews and highly qualified doctors. 

Dr. Sumita Sofat further added about the drug addiction topic which is the biggest factor of rising of infertility in men. Female infertility is caused due to lifestyle which has contributed in rise of this problem. Lack of exercise and sedentary life styles causes infertility in female

She also told about the importance of new advanced technologies like blastocyst culture and laser hatching which has increased the IVF success rate. The main objective of conference was to make the doctors aware about the newer techniques which has high success rate in the field of infertility.

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