Thursday, 27 April 2017

Are Advanced Reproductive Techniques A Platform For Surrogacy?

The answer is yes, assisted reproductive techniques are increasing the rate of surrogacy in India. In the past, traditional surrogacy was commonly used a method that is taken to be artificial insemination. In this, the surrogate’s eggs would be used and the sperms are taken from the intended father. The child was connected to the surrogate.

Today, all possible means are performed especially with the help of IVF to get a genetic child and the surrogate only surrenders her womb for the period of nine months. This type of surrogacy is known as gestational surrogacy and it is preferred over the former. Surrogacy in India is providing an ultimate chance for barren couples to have a child/children in the lives. Couples with various related issues like infertility, cardiovascular problems, physical disabilities, HIV/AIDs, weak or no wombs, miscarriages, and low sperm count can benefit from surrogacy.

The procedure of surrogacy begins with modifying the menstrual periods of the intended mother and the surrogate. Fertility drugs may be given to the intended mother to produce more eggs for the IVF procedure. The day 2 or day 21 technique is used in the case of the intended mother. When using the day 2 technique (antagon), dental beginning control pills are provided and on the second day of the times, gonadotropin shots or injections are started and USG tracking is done every single day. Oestrogen tablets are given to the surrogate to prepare her womb for implantation and development of the embryo. 

Sofat Infertility Centre is providing the successful surrogacy services in India at very affordable prices. You can get well-educated, smart surrogates that belong to sound families. Look at our one of the surrogacy cases that has provided lots of happiness in this family. 

However, to watch more successful cases at our centre, you can go through this video or visit our website.

Friday, 14 April 2017

A True IVF Success Story at Sofat Infertility Centre

There is no doubt that success rate of the IVF treatment greatly depends on certain factors like age, the cause of the infertility problem or whether the problem is because of male infertility or female infertility etc. But if you will choose the best centre or the well expert surgeon for your treatment then the success rates of the IVF treatment can be increased. Here in this post, we are going to discuss our one of the successful story of IVF treatment at our clinic.

The story is about a couple from Bathinda namely Krishan Laal and Umpatti who have undergone through the IVF treatment from our center in 2013. They were not able to receive a child even after 30 years of their marriage. They struggled for the treatment at many places. They tried many ayurvedic and surgical treatments from for many clinics. When all the treatments got failed, they were left with no zero hope of having a child in their dream even.

Then once they heard about Dr. Sumita Sofat on internet. They visited our clinic and discussed their issue with the doctor. Dr. Sumita Sofat treated the couple with IVF and its related new techniques and they got very happy when they saw the pregnancy report as positive.  Their dream came true only with Sofat Infertility Centre.

In this way, you can check our more IVF success stories from our website and you can also listen to their reviews from the listed videos.

Friday, 7 April 2017

What is PCOS? - Introduction, Cause & Treatment

When it's come to plan a baby women face a lot of issues in infertility. Sometimes women face very big diseases in them one of them PCOS which is also known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This is the very dangerous disease for women because if a women have PCOS then she won't  able to make a baby. PCOS mess with women's periods which is she can't get pregnant. This syndrome made failure in egg release, higher insulin levels, getting overweighing, imbalanced hormones and interrupted menstrual cycle. All of these things happens with a woman who is suffering from PCOS. They get Acne on face and cysts on their ovaries. This makes their situation very much difficult. But cure of PCOS is possible however doctors still don't know about the cause. With the healthy diet, exercise and proper medication you can overcome the problem of PCOS. Get the affordable Polycystic Ovarian Treatment in India.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How to Improve Low Sperm Count in Men?

Partners face difficulty while making a child and the reason which is most common is infertility. This issue could happen with anyone because doctors find this issues with couples more common. It is 50-50 chance that one of them is facing infertility. This happens to because of not good diet and not taking proper rest or taking much stress. This will lead to low sperm count which means when male put his semen in female then sperm could not reach to eggs. So, it means men with low sperm count have less chance to be a parent. But, now there is so many treatments come for infertility in men. You can improve your low sperm count by having a good consultation by the best infertility specialist. It can be improved by medicines or treatment which could be recommended by a doctor for you. Find the Best Low Sperm Count Treatment Center in India.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Female Infertility and Its Related Causes

There are at least more than 2 million females in the world who are facing the problem of female infertility. Most of these women do not get the right treatment and diagnosis as modern medicines and treatments are yet to be provided for female infertility. There are many known and unknown factors that lead to this problem. If you are having the problem of female infertility then you are definitely curious and desperate to get right information regarding this problem.

What is Female Infertility?

A woman is considered to be infertile if she is having sex from past 12 months without any contraceptives but unable to get pregnancy. There are basically two types:

First-degree infertility – In this case, woman has never got pregnancy
Second degree infertility – In this case, the woman is unable to gain pregnancy for the second time.

The best treatment available for this is IVF treatment. With IVF treatment in India, you can definitely overcome your infertility problem and can achieve the healthy pregnancy.

Causes behind Female Infertility

Ovulation disorders
The failure of ovulation can be there because of hormonal imbalances. It can be due to irregular or absence of periods. This kind of problem can lead to factors like extremely low or high body weight, excessive exercise, prolonged emotional distress and thyroid problems.

Damage to the reproductive organs
The damage of the reproductive organs like Fallopian tubes is responsible for the 25% of female infertility. Also, the damage or abnormalities to the cervix and uterus can lead to this problem.

Hormonal imbalances
The hormonal imbalance in females can lead to the failure of ovulation and this can also prevent a female’s body to handle pregnancy.

Chronic Miscarriage
Sometimes the infertile females can conceive but suffer from the regular miscarriage. This can create the thyroid problems, defect in egg or sperm, hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, drugs, trauma, and deficiencies in the immune system.

Nutritional deficiencies
There exist certain nutrients that greatly influence the health of the reproductive parts.

Psychological and emotional factors

Our emotions have a strong effect on our health. It is estimated that almost 5% of the female infertility is caused due to emotional and psychological factors.