Monday, 3 April 2017

Female Infertility and Its Related Causes

There are at least more than 2 million females in the world who are facing the problem of female infertility. Most of these women do not get the right treatment and diagnosis as modern medicines and treatments are yet to be provided for female infertility. There are many known and unknown factors that lead to this problem. If you are having the problem of female infertility then you are definitely curious and desperate to get right information regarding this problem.

What is Female Infertility?

A woman is considered to be infertile if she is having sex from past 12 months without any contraceptives but unable to get pregnancy. There are basically two types:

First-degree infertility – In this case, woman has never got pregnancy
Second degree infertility – In this case, the woman is unable to gain pregnancy for the second time.

The best treatment available for this is IVF treatment. With IVF treatment in India, you can definitely overcome your infertility problem and can achieve the healthy pregnancy.

Causes behind Female Infertility

Ovulation disorders
The failure of ovulation can be there because of hormonal imbalances. It can be due to irregular or absence of periods. This kind of problem can lead to factors like extremely low or high body weight, excessive exercise, prolonged emotional distress and thyroid problems.

Damage to the reproductive organs
The damage of the reproductive organs like Fallopian tubes is responsible for the 25% of female infertility. Also, the damage or abnormalities to the cervix and uterus can lead to this problem.

Hormonal imbalances
The hormonal imbalance in females can lead to the failure of ovulation and this can also prevent a female’s body to handle pregnancy.

Chronic Miscarriage
Sometimes the infertile females can conceive but suffer from the regular miscarriage. This can create the thyroid problems, defect in egg or sperm, hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, drugs, trauma, and deficiencies in the immune system.

Nutritional deficiencies
There exist certain nutrients that greatly influence the health of the reproductive parts.

Psychological and emotional factors

Our emotions have a strong effect on our health. It is estimated that almost 5% of the female infertility is caused due to emotional and psychological factors.

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