Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Latest Reproductive Techniques to Cure Infertility Treatment

In India, around 15% of the populations are afflicted with infertility problem. For them, dream of having a child is very difficult. They are trying for this to achieve a successful pregnancy with the aid of different types of reproductive technologies.

Today in India, all types of treatment are available for diagnosis any kind of disease. It means India is progressing so much for removing the health problem of the people so that they live happy life. Experts have discovered the various methods for improving the fertility and complete the dream of couples. This is the great achievement for our country that our coming futures are achieved through the latest advanced reproductive technologies.

There are several infertility treatment options to achieve the pregnancy. People must aware of this that which treatment is the most effective. I will describe the main treatments which are in discussion now a day. The main treatments are IVF and Surrogacy.

Mostly people choose the IVF centre in Delhi for their infertility related treatments. IVF is Delhi is too low as comparing to the clinics from other states in India.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

4 Common Factors That Can Hinder Chances Of Conception

For the natural conception couple needs healthy female eggs and male sperms of good quality and count and the working sexual functions. There are few factors that become hindrance for your way to happy pregnancy

Decreased healthy eggs

Females born with the fixed number of eggs and these eggs can decline with the age. Aging can also deplete the health of eggs. According to studies women with the age more than 30 have reduced chances of pregnancy due to poor egg quality even after having good health and fertility.

Your partner can have issues

For successful conception male partner plays the vital role so the problem of partner can also become hindrance for the natural conception as males can have problem with the count of sperms and quality of sperms. In few cases male sperms have inability to penetrate the female eggs and to fertilize them.

Ovulation problem

Ovulation can also increase your problem for getting pregnant. If the women have disturbed menstrual cycles then it can be main cause for her fertility issues.

Blocked fallopian tubes

Fallopian tubes are medium for the communication of female eggs and sperm. So blocked and damaged fallopian tubes block the way for the sperm to reach to egg and to fertilize it.

If you have any of above problem then do not take time to rush IVF center in Bathinda for the IVF procedure that can open your way to successful pregnancy.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Why People From Chandigarh Visit Sofat Ivf Centre

IVF provide solution to the infertile couples that used to dream for their genetic baby before treatment. This lab procedure can give results according to choice of IVF doctor and center so the couples act cognitively while choosing the best IVF center.

Most of the people  give preference to Sofat IVF center in Chandigarh because of many reasons as follows

Dr.Sumita Sofat senior doctor and director of the center have the super specialty in treating the fertility problems in male and females both. She is pioneer in Punjab for giving IVF advanced treatment with advanced techniques like ICSI, laser hatching, blastocyst transfer that give greater successful ratio.
Beeline of past satisfied patients that got successful treatment from the Sofat speaks for the quality of treatment given at center and the consistency and determination to achieve success in most of the IVF cycles.

Dr. Sofat utilizes her STATE- OF -ART skills for providing the safe and best treatment even to the couples that have unexplained infertility problem.

Patients get here world best treatment as per the international quality standards but at the reasonable cost.
Patients’ secrecy and safety is utmost important for the center so we provide 24/7 care system to all patients and keep the records of them confidential.