Friday, 29 January 2016

Eating Soy May Increase IVF Success Rate

It has been researched that soy could help the women who are undergoing IVF treatment. It protects the woman from the harmful effects of bisphenol A which is referred to as BPA and have the tendency to interfere with IVF treatment. Bisphenol A is the chemical which is found in many common food containers such as plastic water bottles. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that more than 96% of the Americans are found to be having BPA in their bodies.

Estrogen is most important female sex hormone, which can mimicked by this chemical and can lead to various health problems including reproductive problems. A woman with higher exposure to BPA could have infertility problem and cannot achieve pregnancy successfully.

As we know that IVF success rate depends upon various factors. One of the factors is BPA exposure, which play a key role in IVF failure and success rate.  This is always advised that there is need to reduce exposure to BPA who have problem in getting pregnant.

Researchers discovered that woman who ate soy based foods have lower level of BPA in their urine. They took the urine samples of 239 women in which 176 women reporting that they ate soy foods and rest of the 63 women did not eat.

Result of women who did not eat soy based foods, showed the following points:

  • Level of BPA in their urine is higher
  • Lower rate of embryo implantation
  • Fewer pregnancies that resulted in live births

So, it is recommended that women must reduce their exposure to BPA and it helps in improving the fertility and you can get pregnant.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

IVF Centre in India is the Best Affordable Choice for Aspiring Parents

In the recent years lots of babies have born through IVF and other fertility treatments. In UK, it has been estimated that around 17041 test tube babies are born via IVF. This is first country where in Oldham General Hospital which is based in Greater Manchester, world’s first test tube baby was born via IVF and named Louise Brown. The second successful test tube baby was born in India. This baby girl was born 67 days after the birth of Louise Brown. The second baby born via IVF named Durga.

There are various steps involved in IVF process. Get idea from the following that what process it consist of:

  • If a woman is found to be have less number of eggs or poor quality of eggs then doctors stimulate her ovary to produce eggs via Follicle Stimulation Hormone (FSH) injections which are given every day.
  • After the collection of eggs from woman, they mix the eggs with sperms of her partner in a test tube. The fertilization occurs outside the body of female in a test tube.
  • After the process of fertilizing of eggs with sperms, embryos are developed and then only one embryo is selected after testing. 
  • Embryos which have abnormal number of Mitochondrial DNA level, they are not counted as a healthy and viable. So these types of embryos are removed and only one embryo which has large number of mitochondrial DNA, this one is selected for implantation into the uterus of woman. 
  • If a woman has any uterus problem, then blastocyst embryo transfer technique is used for implantation so that IVF failure does not occur. 

IVF is considered as the most expensive technique in western countries but In India it is the most affordable choice for every Indian infertile people as well international patients. Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital is the most eminent and topmost IVF centre in India which is considered as the most affordable private centre which is offering all types of infertility treatment at the best rate that can be afforded by people.

IVF Centre in India - Too Much Affordable in India

After marriage every parents wish for achieving a parents. But some parents do not have ability to conceive because of some internal issues which resist them to gain pregnancy. This inability of achieving pregnancy is called as infertility problem which has been affected 15 percent of the population for many years. It is not only the problem of a woman that she is not able to achieve pregnancy. Man is also equally responsible for it.

Infertility problem can be eliminated with the help of assisted reproductive approach which has helped so many people. Some of the reproductive approach is IVF, ICSI, and IUI which has lots of success stories. In-Vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most effective infertility treatment procedure which has given the birth to thousands of test tube babies.

IVF is available at the most reasonable price in India as compared to other western countries. Private hospitals are offering this treatment at the most affordable cost for aspiring parents. This is very good choice for aspiring parents who cannot afford expensive treatment. Private centres in India have helped many infertile couples and couples come from other western countries for infertility treatment. The first test tube baby of India was born at the public-run KEM hospital in 1986. 

The couples who cannot afford expensive treatment they can now have a baby with affordable treatments at private hospitals. Sofat Infertility is one of the best centres in India which has given the hope of having a baby to many infertile couples. The IVF centre in India has the latest reproductive techniques which utilize advanced technology which is using at the western countries. But India is offering the treatment at the most affordable choice which is counted as the twice less than half of the available charges of the same treatment at the other western countries.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Formation Process of a Test Tube Baby in IVF Lab

Couples who are unable to get pregnant, they can achieve successful pregnancy with the help of the most effective treatment IVF which is also called test tube baby. The procedure is explained below:

  • If a woman’s ovary do not produce eggs then stimulation procedure is used for stimulate her ovary for producing eggs. Due to this procedure doctors are able to retrieve eggs from the woman’s ovary and collect them.
  • After the collection of eggs, doctors put the eggs in a test tube and mix them with sperms for her partner. If partner is unable to produce sperms then on the spot donor sperm is arranged for fertilization. Hence eggs are fertilized with sperms in a test tube.
  • After fertilization embryos are formed. Doctors let them leave in a test tube for three – five days. Eventually they collect the embryos and do embryo testing for evaluating the best, healthy and viable embryo for implantation.
  • Embryos are tested through mitochondrial DNA level process. Embryos which are found to be have abnormal amount of mitochondrial DNA, then are removed and not considered for implantation. After testing, single embryo is taken for transplanting into the uterus of woman.
  • At last, after 1-2 week, woman is called for pregnancy test to confirm that she is pregnant or not.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Test Tube Baby Centre in India is the Right Place for Infertile Couples

Why it is said that women are more in number than men that are diagnosed with infertility disease? Men are also responsible for the cause of infertility not only women are responsible for this. Now a day, many young people are becoming infertile. Females are going to reach menopause at the early age which is very serious problem for her life. Every women desire for having a baby but this dream is achieved by only few people and rest of the people are diagnosed with this impotence problem. 

For women it is very necessary that they should know about the cause of infertility that why it is causing and how to cope up with it. Infertility is very common and serious problem. About 15% of the populations are affected by this problem and now it is increasing day by day. 

Do you know that why this problem is increasing? Why some women are not able to conceive? What are major heath issues which makes you infertile? What are the reasons of not getting pregnant? I will discuss here all the answers of each question. You must know about it.

Most of the women’s are affected by hormonal imbalance problem. Endocrine glands produce and release many hormones which help in controlling the important body parts. It manipulate the body functions like that how your body’s tissues and bones are growing, how your heart beats, fertility, ability of changing calories into energy and other organs function. If it get out of control then it can develop many problems like cyst can be developed into the ovaries which affects the ovulation and fertility part, endometrial tissue can be developed outside the womb which affect your physical health and lead to endometriosis, you may face thyroid problem due to hormonal imbalance or may face other problems which make you infertile and you get difficulty in pregnancy. 

There are many alternatives which are used to remove the infertility. Test Tube baby centre in India is the right place where you can get a chance of achieving pregnancy. With IVF procedure, it is possible to accomplish the dreams of many childless patients.