Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Formation Process of a Test Tube Baby in IVF Lab

Couples who are unable to get pregnant, they can achieve successful pregnancy with the help of the most effective treatment IVF which is also called test tube baby. The procedure is explained below:

  • If a woman’s ovary do not produce eggs then stimulation procedure is used for stimulate her ovary for producing eggs. Due to this procedure doctors are able to retrieve eggs from the woman’s ovary and collect them.
  • After the collection of eggs, doctors put the eggs in a test tube and mix them with sperms for her partner. If partner is unable to produce sperms then on the spot donor sperm is arranged for fertilization. Hence eggs are fertilized with sperms in a test tube.
  • After fertilization embryos are formed. Doctors let them leave in a test tube for three – five days. Eventually they collect the embryos and do embryo testing for evaluating the best, healthy and viable embryo for implantation.
  • Embryos are tested through mitochondrial DNA level process. Embryos which are found to be have abnormal amount of mitochondrial DNA, then are removed and not considered for implantation. After testing, single embryo is taken for transplanting into the uterus of woman.
  • At last, after 1-2 week, woman is called for pregnancy test to confirm that she is pregnant or not.

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