Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Infertility due to Blocked Fallopian Tubes and treatment

A Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia are the leading causes of Blocked Fallopian Tubes. Sexually transmitted diseases may be underestimated, but problematic at the end because they silently damage the Fallopian tubes. The Fallopian tubes are a passage where the egg flows from the ovaries to the uterus for implantation after fertilization.

The success of the treatment depends on the extent to which they have been damaged. If the Fallopian tubes are not removed and just relieved, there are higher chances of an ectopic pregnancy and it is a serious condition.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes treatment in India can be begun with a Laparoscopic evaluation where the extent of damage is evaluated before a surgery is conducted to unblock the tubes. There are two procedures to unblock the Fallopian tubes which are

·        A laparoscopic surgery

·        An open surgery

Any procedure is picked as the doctor may have evaluated in the in the examination process of the Fallopian tubes.

If the tubes are severely damaged or it is predicted that the surgery may not be of help, there is no need to perform any surgery, but rather assisted reproductive techniques are used to help a woman conceive.

IVF is the best treatment where fertilization is conducted in the laboratory and the best embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus for implantation and development. You can consult a specialist at Dr. Sofat Infertility clinic to help you in treating the blocked tubes or any other form of infertility.

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