Friday, 6 January 2017


Infertility has no longer remained the problem of women in urban areas as it is affecting both men and women all over India. So it has become the need of an hour to determine the root cause of the problem. According to the studies, there is 20-30% rise in infertility issues in India.
Common causes for the problem can be the problem the of the cyst, fibroid or disturbed hormonal level and even genetic issues but for the increase in this problem, there can be issues like exposure to pollution, chemicals, radioactive rays or elements.

According to experts most common reason for the rise in infertility problem especially in men is lifestyle changes that are causing obesity, stress. The switching of men towards the sedentary lifestyle is the biggest cause of the fertility problem as due to change in eating habits lack of physical exertion obesity is increasing among people which are fore most reason for fertility disorders.

Apart from this pollution and much exposure to chemicals are other reasons for these problems. Earlier women were considered to be only victims of infertility problem but these days men are also coping up with the problem of low sperm count and other sperm abnormalities.
However, in women, most of the cases for infertility are due to block or damage fallopian tube but medical science has contributed a lot in this field so it is possible to get fallopian tube blockage treatment in India for enjoying the motherhood.

So for coping up with these rising fertility issues one must not ignore them and should consult with the infertility specialist to get appropriate treatment.