Monday, 30 November 2015

International Patients Engagement Increased Because of Low IVF Cost in India

India has gained the immense success in the terms of medical tourism. As compared to other western countries, the price of all kinds of medical techniques is very less than half of the available cost of treatment in foreign countries. That’s why international patients come here to avail the medical services. One more thing I have noticed that in India, English language the most preferable. So Indian people speak very frequent English without any problem and they communicate well with the international patients. They also feel comfortable to express their feelings and problems. By the way there are many countries, where people cannot speak this language and it becomes barrier. 

In the prevention of Infertility, India is called as the state of ART. Diagnostic treatments like IUI, IVF, TESA, surrogacy etc has given the success in achieving the favorable pregnancy. IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) is the eminent treatment to diagnose that impotence. Bring a new life of your own womb is the dream of every woman. Man also put equal efforts to achieve this desire. Right treatment at the right time and from the right place is the best decision for a couple. Now the latest IVF with its good work has changed the mind of many people who do not want to undergo IVF.

People are selecting the IVF treatment, not only because of its low cost. There is also another reason behind it that it has increased its success rate to 80%. It follows the simple procedure which consists of many steps like stimulate the women’s ovary to produce eggs. Infertile women don’t have ability to release eggs due to ovulation problem. Follicle Stimulation Hormone (FSH) hormone is used to excite the ovary and it produces the eggs. Then doctor collect the eggs and sperms from the man and mixed (eggs and sperms) together in a test tube. Embryos are developed in that external environment. Then viability of the embryos is checked that which one is suitable for implantation. The feasible embryo is selected and put into the internal environment (uterus) of woman’s body. After few days woman is called to check her pregnancy test.

Test Tube Baby through Low Cost IVF Process in India

Can it possible to get the IVF treatment at the reasonable cost? I know that IVF is the most costly treatment in the world and considered as the number one treatment among all other reproductive approaches. Did you know that India is only the country which is supporting the IVF diagnostic at the low cost? This is true that you will get this service at the most reasonable price.

The life of infertile couple is always suffused with lots of hurdles, perplex and complications. They have to struggle with infertility problem. They put many efforts to finish the issue but sometimes they do not get any outcome in hand to overcome from this problem. It is good to cope up with impotence and achieve the favorable result. But some set up in their mind that the baby is not in their fortunate. God has given the ability to have child. Having a baby is like a blessing from GOD that already allotted with this when you came on this earth. But sometime it is not easy for some couples to gain it. They have to do something to improve their ability or open the door fertility by putting some efforts.

Today lots of alternatives are available which effectively works in preventing your problem. There is just need to aware yourself. Always choose the right alternative which brings happiness in your way. IVF is playing a key role in creating the fertile people who were reverse. Lots of test tube babies are born through this process and they are live today. There is slightly a less difference between a normal baby and test tube baby. They features the same like a human beings but at the time of birth their weight is considered as the slightly lower than the normal baby.  Another difference is that they are developed through test tube and the half of the cycle they developed in the woman’s womb.

Friday, 27 November 2015

PCOS Treatment - Depression, Anxiety and Causes Infertility Problem in Woman

What is PCOS?

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is the imbalance of the hormones that is known to affect nearly 5 million women across the globe, that’s nearly every 2ndwomen in every 10 women under the reproductive age category. Many women have small cysts growing on their ovaries and this causes them to have irregular periods that become the cause of issues arising in getting pregnant thus, called polycystic ovarian syndrome. If this was not enough more than 60% PCOS women are known to be suffering from at least one mental issue, depression or anxiety. 

Study Revelations

According to a study done on rats by emplacing same PCOS conditions on them the results were shocking. The results showed that the increase in the levels of male hormones or androgens is the cause of mental issues in PCOS women. The offspring’s were exposed to a very high level of testosterone during the late fetal stage that showed the exact high depression level that the women undergo. Till date it was only a possibility but, this study has cleared. Now the evidence is clear and in front.  
The Good News

Well according to the study done on rats, a new drug was given to the rats to see if it would block the receptor activities of androgenic and oestrogenic. The result was successful, the rats behavior could be calmed down hence, shows that the drug can work in women as well. Though it will take a bit more time for the researchers to complete some more tests so they can be 100% sure and be able to make the drug work on humans the same way, nevertheless expectation is the drug will soon be available so the women suffering from PCOS can get relief from depression and anxiety related issues.

PCOS - Ovarian Cysts and Infertility

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) suffers may be at risk of enduring depression and anxiety right from the start of their pregnancy. According to a latest research done on rats, a woman with PCOS undergoes hormonal imbalance right from the beginning of her pregnancy hence, can be the cause of her going down in depression. Woman with PCOS are known to have high levels of male hormones called androgens in the blood stream, which is taken directly to the uterus hence, exposing the unborn baby as well. Unfortunately the cause behind this is still unknown.

Cause of Depression

It is due to these increased hormones that the patient begins to feel depressed and tends to stay in anxiety.  PCOS is not just an issue that the mother suffers as it’s genetic and passes on with the new born baby. The girl baby on growing up is very likely to develop PCOS conditions when she becomes pregnant and if the baby is a boy then on growing up the boy is likely to be suffering from obesity and Type 1 diabetes. In some rare cases even leads to short life expectancy. 


Nevertheless as per the study the physician is advises and the woman suffering from PCOS to be alert on depression symptoms as this is the result of the hormonal imbalance and needs treatment as soon as possible. There are many treatments available that can help the patient in controlling the depression so it does not become dangerous for wither the woman or baby. Though the study has been done on rats so far, but it is clear with the new research the team was able to stop the activities of the androgenic and oestrogenic receptors hence, managed to control their behavior. So one can wait for the drug or be soon available for treating depression and anxiety in PCOS patients. 

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

IVF Cost in India Extremely Low As Compared to Western Countries

In the world of medical tourism, India is the leading country in providing the medicinal equipment at the most affordable price especially for low cost IVF infertility treatment. Mostly people visit India to avail fertility treatments.  As per rule patients come from other courtiers pay less than half of the cost of healthcare services like IVF, IUI. Whatever they give money in other countries for treatments that would be half in India. 

Every year thousands of patients are diagnosed with different conditions and disease and they come to India to get treatment from the renowned specialist. There are some states which are very popular in medial world and foreigners feel comfortable to visit here in cities like Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and many other parts. This country is the excellent destination for IVF centre. 

Why India is top place for infertility treatment?
  • IVF is the most successful treatment in the world and it is available at very low cost in India.
  • State of assisted reproductive technologies at reasonable price which is more at advance countries like USA, UK etc.
  • Treat the infertility with the aid of new techniques. 
  • IVF doctors or infertility specialists are the most experienced and qualified from the advance countries like USA and UK. 
  • Doctors are well qualified and so patients from other countries do not experience any problem in communication. They have communication skills.
  • Hospitals labs are well equipped with the latest medical reproductive technology.
  •  Treat all types of infertility problems. 
  • IVF success rate are high in India.
  • New DNA test also launched here by which doctors can calculate the feasibility of the embryo that would be stable or not. 
  • IVF centre in India provide all facilities to the international patients which are required and adjust the cost of the treatment and stay facility equally.