Friday, 6 November 2015

Message for all Pregnant Woman – Be Safe this Diwali

So are you excited for upcoming festival Diwali. Only few days are left. It is the most famous festival of India. Everyone celebrate it with great happiness and pray for good future. In this day everybody fire the crackers. Specially children are very much delighted and have the desperation of crackers.

This Diwali, I know there are certain mums who are experiencing the pregnancy first time or second or third time. They need to take care of themselves. I am sharing the some tips that are helpful. You must keep these things in your mind.

I know for your care your family members are there. They are taking care of you. But you must also take of you because a new unborn baby is living inside you, so you need to take care of your foetus. From firecrackers, lot of smoke is emitted which is not good for your foetus. Baby organs are formed from 6th week to 12th week. So at that time you need precautions and try to avoid the toxic waste or contaminant which is caused by firecrackers.

Precautions for pregnant woman are given below:

1.      As all you know synthetic have the tendency to catch the fire easily. So it is better to wear comfortable cotton clothes and wear flat footwear.
2.      Noise pollution is also not good for new unborn baby. So try to avoid loud noise which can lead disturbance in mother.
3.      Do not lift heavy objects.
4.      If you are desperate of enjoying the firecrackers then try to use light firecrackers like Anar, Chakri, or Fuljhadi.
5.      Stay inside the home so that you can protect your child from the pollution.

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