Monday, 2 November 2015

Infertility Centre in India Offer the Chance of Acheiving Pregnancy at Very Low Cost

Infertility centre in India has provided the chance to needy infertile couples of becoming a parent. Now it is possible to fulfil their dreams of conceiving a baby at any age. As earlier over 40, women cannot achieve a successful pregnancy. However, today with the aid of various reproductive treatments it has become possible to achieve a pregnancy at any age in which you want

Women who do not have uterus, or producing poor quality eggs, or low eggs count that is not sufficient for fertilization, they have the option to gain the eggs from egg donor. Egg donation facility is given by the infertility doctor who provide at the instant when it needs. 

The doctors recommend egg donor after screening the many things that are below:

What are basic qualifications for becoming an egg donor?

·         Female must be between the age of 21 to 32 years
·         Good overall health
·         Weight must be accurate calculated by Body Mass Index (BMI)
·         Do not smoke and drink alcohol and drugs
·         Other qualifications as per hospital norms

There is another technique also for women who can produce eggs but they are making career or they are in some another problem and do not want to conceive a baby. They have an option of preserving their eggs for future use. This means you can preserve your fertility with the help of egg freezing

With the help of vitrification cryopreservation women in young age can reproduce eggs and use them later when they are ready to experience the pregnancy. They can experience at any age like in their age like 40s.

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