Thursday, 19 November 2015

Affordable Test Tube Baby Centre Based in India

Infertility problem is the biggest problem in our country.  It is growing on day by day. Many of you don’t know that what is infertility and how to cope up with it. Infertility is basically the problem in which woman is not able to conceive a child due to some reproductive issues. It can be due to male infertility or may be female infertility. Sometime both are equally responsible for it.

1.       Low amount of sperms are produced or sometime zero count of sperm.
2.       Produces poor quality of sperms.
3.        Sperm motility problem in which sperms are not able to penetrate woman’s egg.
4.       Sperm ejaculation Problem.

1.       Endometriosis
2.       Ovarian Cyst
3.       Problem with Uterus
4.       Age factor
5.       Fallopian Tube damage
6.       Ovulation Problem
7.       Cervical condition resists the sperm to passes through cervical canal.

Sometime the cause of infertility is unexplained which cannot be determined using the methods which are currently available to find out the cause of infertility. 

Sofat Infertility Centre is the renowned test tube baby centre based in India which has dedicated staff. Our main aim is to provide the happiness in your life. We always try our best to achieve the best possible result. Right now our centre has achieved a title of “Best IVF Centre in India”.  Hundreds of test tube babies are born through our advance reproductive techniques. We always use the latest assisted technologies to cure the infertility problem. Our center was inaugurated in 1996 and headed by the topmost IVF specialist Dr. Sumita Sofat. We overture all kinds of infertility treatment at the most affordable price that you can easily afford it.

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