Tuesday, 24 November 2015

IVF Cost in India Extremely Low As Compared to Western Countries

In the world of medical tourism, India is the leading country in providing the medicinal equipment at the most affordable price especially for low cost IVF infertility treatment. Mostly people visit India to avail fertility treatments.  As per rule patients come from other courtiers pay less than half of the cost of healthcare services like IVF, IUI. Whatever they give money in other countries for treatments that would be half in India. 

Every year thousands of patients are diagnosed with different conditions and disease and they come to India to get treatment from the renowned specialist. There are some states which are very popular in medial world and foreigners feel comfortable to visit here in cities like Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and many other parts. This country is the excellent destination for IVF centre. 

Why India is top place for infertility treatment?
  • IVF is the most successful treatment in the world and it is available at very low cost in India.
  • State of assisted reproductive technologies at reasonable price which is more at advance countries like USA, UK etc.
  • Treat the infertility with the aid of new techniques. 
  • IVF doctors or infertility specialists are the most experienced and qualified from the advance countries like USA and UK. 
  • Doctors are well qualified and so patients from other countries do not experience any problem in communication. They have communication skills.
  • Hospitals labs are well equipped with the latest medical reproductive technology.
  •  Treat all types of infertility problems. 
  • IVF success rate are high in India.
  • New DNA test also launched here by which doctors can calculate the feasibility of the embryo that would be stable or not. 
  • IVF centre in India provide all facilities to the international patients which are required and adjust the cost of the treatment and stay facility equally.

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