Monday, 30 November 2015

International Patients Engagement Increased Because of Low IVF Cost in India

India has gained the immense success in the terms of medical tourism. As compared to other western countries, the price of all kinds of medical techniques is very less than half of the available cost of treatment in foreign countries. That’s why international patients come here to avail the medical services. One more thing I have noticed that in India, English language the most preferable. So Indian people speak very frequent English without any problem and they communicate well with the international patients. They also feel comfortable to express their feelings and problems. By the way there are many countries, where people cannot speak this language and it becomes barrier. 

In the prevention of Infertility, India is called as the state of ART. Diagnostic treatments like IUI, IVF, TESA, surrogacy etc has given the success in achieving the favorable pregnancy. IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) is the eminent treatment to diagnose that impotence. Bring a new life of your own womb is the dream of every woman. Man also put equal efforts to achieve this desire. Right treatment at the right time and from the right place is the best decision for a couple. Now the latest IVF with its good work has changed the mind of many people who do not want to undergo IVF.

People are selecting the IVF treatment, not only because of its low cost. There is also another reason behind it that it has increased its success rate to 80%. It follows the simple procedure which consists of many steps like stimulate the women’s ovary to produce eggs. Infertile women don’t have ability to release eggs due to ovulation problem. Follicle Stimulation Hormone (FSH) hormone is used to excite the ovary and it produces the eggs. Then doctor collect the eggs and sperms from the man and mixed (eggs and sperms) together in a test tube. Embryos are developed in that external environment. Then viability of the embryos is checked that which one is suitable for implantation. The feasible embryo is selected and put into the internal environment (uterus) of woman’s body. After few days woman is called to check her pregnancy test.

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