Tuesday, 10 November 2015

IVF New Test Focuses on Mitochondria

Did you know that new test of IVF has discovered which state that women should undergo IVF treatment or not? It can be predicted before go for IVF treatment that she is able to conceive or not. This type new IVF technique would concentrate on mitochondria.

Mitochondrial is the main energy provider and the part of the cell. When embryos are developed, it plays a key role. The success rate of IVF has increased by 5% percent as compared to the previous year. This is great news for all. Women over 40 years can also get the chance of pregnancy. With the IVF treatment efforts it would be easy to calculate that woman over 40 years is bale to conceive or not by calculating it in the new IVF calculator. This is the new predictor test that will enhance the IVF success rate. The failure rate of IVF would be decrease.

How the New IVF Test Works
  • To stimulate the egg production, doctor will injected the hormones in patient. Eggs are produced in the ovary.
  • Egg collection process start which is gathered from ovary.
  • Eggs and sperms are combined in a tube for fertilization.
  • After the fertilization, embryos are created. When five days are passed, then five year old embryos are used for test. Embryos are made up of 100 cells. During the test five cells are removed for testing.
  • New test is carried out which consist of chromosomal screening and particular levels of mitochondrial DNA are tested. Embryos which are fit for the optimum threshold that can be implanted. It helps in making the patient pregnant quicker. 

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