Friday, 27 November 2015

PCOS Treatment - Depression, Anxiety and Causes Infertility Problem in Woman

What is PCOS?

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is the imbalance of the hormones that is known to affect nearly 5 million women across the globe, that’s nearly every 2ndwomen in every 10 women under the reproductive age category. Many women have small cysts growing on their ovaries and this causes them to have irregular periods that become the cause of issues arising in getting pregnant thus, called polycystic ovarian syndrome. If this was not enough more than 60% PCOS women are known to be suffering from at least one mental issue, depression or anxiety. 

Study Revelations

According to a study done on rats by emplacing same PCOS conditions on them the results were shocking. The results showed that the increase in the levels of male hormones or androgens is the cause of mental issues in PCOS women. The offspring’s were exposed to a very high level of testosterone during the late fetal stage that showed the exact high depression level that the women undergo. Till date it was only a possibility but, this study has cleared. Now the evidence is clear and in front.  
The Good News

Well according to the study done on rats, a new drug was given to the rats to see if it would block the receptor activities of androgenic and oestrogenic. The result was successful, the rats behavior could be calmed down hence, shows that the drug can work in women as well. Though it will take a bit more time for the researchers to complete some more tests so they can be 100% sure and be able to make the drug work on humans the same way, nevertheless expectation is the drug will soon be available so the women suffering from PCOS can get relief from depression and anxiety related issues.

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