Friday, 13 November 2015

Stress & Depression Affects IVF Success Rate

Infertility is the major common problem that couple has to face. Infertile couples are trying too hard for conceiving a baby but not find any positive result. This leads to stress and make them in depression that they are not able to achieve a pregnancy. You get too stressed and leave the hope. Why to take tension? Just relax and try again and again. It will happen. Calm down and don’t leave the hope of conceiving a baby naturally.

I know if you are trying for more than one year and don’t get any outcome then your family and friends will give you the same advice that you have infertility problem and you should consult this to doctor. These kinds of suggestions make you more worried about your reproductive health problem. You think more and more about the reason of infertility.

Studies show that physiological effects of stress have played a major key role in increasing the infertility problem.  Sometime a couple have a minor problem of infertility and that can be improved with the help of home remedies tips. But with stress and depression it affects the body and not helped in boosting the fertility. The level of infertility increased and you are not able to get pregnant.

People go for IVF centre in India to cure the infertility problem. Today IVF has played a major key role in enhancing the fertility and pregnancy. If any IVF found failure then mostly woman is responsible for this failure. During IVF process, doctor suggests that they should not take tension. But due to stress they received poor outcome of IVF treatment by which they loss in first attempt.

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