Tuesday, 24 November 2015

What's My Fertility? New DNA IVF Test Could Help Thousands of Infertile Couple

Over the years a lot has changed especially the lifestyle of the people and the most ones suffering are the couples who plan a family in hopes of enjoying themselves first before they can commit themselves to a family. But, for some this happy planning becomes their worst nightmare as they find they cannot have baby of their own. The cause of this can be many but; the most common cause is the women not having adequate egg count for her to conceive a baby of her own. For many unfortunate women that leaves only one door and that is surrogacy

Not being able to bear your own child is perhaps the biggest dilemma that a woman can bear. Many times ladies come to doctors for their inability of conceiving a baby and when are told you do not have adequate egg count they cry their eyes if they had known about this earlier they would have taken appropriate steps. This is the reason recently the Center for Human Reproduction in New York has had its medical scientists put their minds together in bringing out a test called “What’s My Fertility” that can help the women in tracking down their egg count. 

Ladies have the tendency to believe that till 30 it’s too young to cope with a child so they begin family planning but, when they realize it’s too late to go back. The aim of this test is to do regular screening of the egg count so you can be alert of your condition and be able to make decisions with a better mind and not make decisions that will affect their entire life. The test analyses the hormonal change that occurs in the blood at the same time it seeks out a specific variation that associates itself with high risks of premature ovarian aging.  This test will help in being that extra careful for what matters the most in the world for you.

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