Tuesday, 10 November 2015

New IVF Test Increased to Double Success Rate – Infertility Doctors can Easily Select the most Viable Embryos

IVF is growing on too much in terms of high success rate. Earlier its success rate was about 55% - 60%. But today its new technique has raised its success rate which is equal to 80%. If you see the past then you will find that below 35 years, IVF success rate is 80% and for woman whose age is above 35 years, she may not be able to undergo this treatment because of its low success rate which is about 35%. So, it was the risk to go for IVF treatment.

New techniques have developed and its limitation which was exists, they are upgraded to make it a valuable and the most effective treatment of the world. It is right that every woman has the desire of giving a birth to new life. But mostly it has been seen that about 15%-20% of the population is affected by the infertility problem.

Now it is easy to predict that your chances of pregnancy would be successful or not. As prior, there was a big drawback in IVF treatment that it gets fail after the attempt in between the treatment. It fail due to many factors like embryo implantation failure, poor quality of embryos developed, uterus problem, and mostly 95% of the failure caused by arrest of the embryos.

Experts said that through this new IVF test doctors would be able to select the most viable embryos. The particular stages of DNA are developed in a developing embryo. Through these levels they can conclude that which one is the most viable embryo among all embryos.  Today rate fertility rate has been increased with the development of new reproductive technologies. With this new test 35% of the IVF cycle leads to successful pregnancy. Every year, about 20,000 females undergo IVF treatment in India. New techniques have enhanced and boosted the fertility among the infertile couples.

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