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Infertility Fertilty Issues in Womens - Pregnancy Issues and Problems

looks forward to this program, which already attracts patients from Quebec across the border. "I have patients who went to New England for that program. They were willing to put a larger sum of money, but to have a guarantee pregnancy. Because it's a bit how it works: pregnancy is guaranteed or your money back. This is a concept quite different. "
Just a few years he had been slapped on the wrist by the College of Physicians for offering packages of this type in its Quebec clinics. "We had a formula where patients were paying for two cycles, and if they did not become pregnant, the third was free. So they paid in advance for two cycles, but at present the College of Physicians, it is forbidden to charge in advance for services not rendered or not rendered in the near future. When the College has made us the recommendation that it did not meet [ethical standards] were removed that program. "
Now that he is a partner of IntegraMed, he does not deny his interest in the program "guarantee pregnancy or your money back" for his nine Canadian clinics, four of which are in Quebec. But Dr. Saint-Michel remains cautious. "I do not know if we could implement it as it is. Each province has its standards, we must look if it is ethically permissible if it meets the ethical standards of each college. "

He is waiting to see what will be the new legal provisions when Bill 20, which ends the assisted reproduction program will be adopted. "Here, we can see if it can be applied, how it can be applied, if it meets the needs of our market. Sure it gets a significant advantage for customers. "

Beyond this package, there are a range of lending services that could be offered in Quebec clinics, with the end of public coverage of in vitro fertilization. "It is not everyone who has $ 7,000 available to pay in advance. So we could actually fund the patients until they have their tax credit. It would allow a much easier accessibility, In the US, the market for financial loans for fertility treatments is booming. "Eventually, it may be that Quebec should become interesting, according to the non-coverage of certain services," concedes Dr., which states that Bill 20, however, was not part of the plan when he began negotiating with IntegraMed there nearly a year.

For Céline Braun, president of the Association of infertile couples in Quebec, it is the wolf that enters the fold. "This is the American Wild West, without law or scruple, who lands here; it is import business practices of American medicine in Quebec. "She fears abuses on the backs of patients emotional and" vulnerable "that go into debt in the hope of starting a family, as well as the marketing of a health service.

Dr. tries to make reassuring also aware of the risks associated to credit. "It is not necessary that it becomes like a sofa or a cell phone you buy on credit. I think in all this, the medical indication should remain the priority.

clinical express Babies Ivf Infertility Treatment center in India

The cramped quarters of a gray dry toilet, tell efficiency without frills. Discreet (no name is pronounced), patients are introduced into one of the twelve individual waiting rooms. After the first meeting, each receives a smart card, the "Witness" (witness) to track valuable gametes and embryos associated with its file, to avoid vitro remake of "Life is a bed of roses. " The next appointment will be fixed when the embryos are ready to be transferred into the uterus of the future mother. Half an hour in the operating room, sedated. Two hours to regain consciousness. The return home is possible the same evening!

A ground protocol fluid. "In one month, you may be pregnant," promises the website. No waiting list to receive treatment, even with egg donation. Here, unlike what happens in France, one can give his mother oocytes without being oneself. And a woman can cause a maximum of six pregnancies - including her own children pro. But there is no national database to cross the counters between private clinics ...

To avoid any encounter with the "recipient", the donors have reserved an entry in more modern premises: warm, chocolate apple green walls and chairs. On the door are drawn faces of women blondes, brunettes, redheads, black or white. All donors remain anonymous. "We only know that the donor looks like us and what is its blood," says Alice, 43, in a relationship with Vanessa, 41. Their son 2 and a half years was born thanks to a double gift. "We first contacted the clinic for sperm donation, but the tests showed that I was barren. "Anonymity suits him. "This is our child every second," she said. Rose, 45, chose embryo adoption, "cheaper than a double gift sperm + egg." Although this decision is rare, some couples agree to entrust their adoption 'spare' embryos rather than keeping them in a nitrogen tank at -186 ° C, to authorize their destruction or to give the research.
The sense of urgency couples

"I would have accepted child whatever his color, but Spanish law requires a physical resemblance. I feared that it be long. Yet a few days after my request, the team told me that she had three embryos at my disposal. On transfer, the doctor showed me their picture on a screen, three small raspberries six cells. I kept that picture to paste in an album. One held. "She is four months pregnant. If parents wish, a series of tests and pre-implantation diagnosis is possible to prevent serious genetic diseases. Alongside these delighted patients that describe a team "human" and "very professional", others denounced forums a "communication difficult" or even a "money factory." And what about how quickly Eugin made a selling point? Monique Bydlowski (2), psy chanalyste specializing in infertility, describes this promise of "madness that maintains the sense of urgency of couples." "Infertility, she said, is very complex. The resolve with quick technical answers to develop the reasons prevents the desire for children and the difficulty conceiving. "Questions that, for her, will be needed with all the more force after birth. Parisian center Alfred Binet, perinatal pediatrics teams have opened a consultation dedicated to this parenting "extraordinary". "I meet young women to feel quite distraught they grow up a child in a foreign part, reflects Monique Bydlowski. The sperm or egg, or both, is an issue of adoption. But if the time for a standard adoption are long, they allow couples to prepare for the coming of a child who is not theirs biologically. "

The waiting lists for egg donation in France, according to her, this function. "But without this solution outside our borders, both my son would not be there! Nathalie reacts. I knew what I wanted, I had accepted the idea that they physically look at my husband. Everything is transparent, the contract with Eugin is very clear. "Although controversial, the quick method has found its customers. The clinic, which has just been bought by a Qatari medical group, pushing the walls as and measuring its success by acquiring one by one the neighboring buildings. Only the adjoining parking resists expansion. Soon, the "kitchen" laboratory riddled with screens on which colored wiggle sperm is - in red, bolder; yellow, lazy - will have tripled its surface. For accelerate the time is not the only priority of Eugin. It offers to freeze since 2011, through the program "Timefreeze" which is for women who want vitrified oocytes for non-medical reasons - which is banned in France. For now, they are only three hundred twenty-four to have taken the plunge, 58% of French.

Thus the American company IntegraMed, reminiscent repeatedly on his website, he "usually takes more than one cycle to succeed," promotes, among infertile couples, the idea of will pay a big price package including a number of treatment cycles, the most popular: "Pregnancy guaranteed or your money back."

Asking them to pay in advance for several cycles - which they may have no need - IntegraMed argues that couples can get a good discount on the entire treatment and especially buy " peace of mind to be in the best frame to get pregnant. " 

"Available for some patients who meet certain clinical criteria, you can choose between two and three punctures egg and transfer all the embryos that will result, until you to bring a baby home. If treatment is unsuccessful, you are eligible for a refund, "yet says the company.

Through different capsules of information for infertile couples, IntegraMed subtly brings patients to the assisted reproduction clinic network. This is the great strength of the company, acquired in 2012 by Sagard Capital, American sector of Power Corporation.
IntegraMed not itself offers medical services, but requires clinics associated with its Attain Fertility Network to provide financial loans to patients. "The Attain IVF programs attract patients to your clinic because you offer them easy to understand financial options that are flexible and have the highest success rates in the industry, we can read in the section for future partners Business. And, since they agree to a treatment plan several cycles, they remain in treatment longer. "
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Parenting after 45, a growing trend

A 15 year Human Genome Project, today's medicine is able to help men seeking parenting after 45 to successfully transit experience and minimize risks, while life expectancy continues and states the trend towards delayed parenting.

"In men, more than women, it is not easy to determine the age of reproductive aging; However, advances in science today allow assert that genetic vulnerability of sperm begins after age 45, "says Sergio Papier, president of the Latin American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Although men can conceive even in old age, "reproductive aging increases the risk that the couple should consider", since, according Papier, "the quality of sperm deteriorates with age."

"Infertility can be a consequence of the vulnerability that comes with age. By that time, there are alternatives that allow time and reduce risk, as are nowadays assisted fertilization techniques, "said fertility specialist.

In Argentina, "the 20,000 couples seeking to have children by assisted fertilization, 3,000 are mothers or parents who reach that objective by egg donation and have more than 45 years they and more than 42 them," said Papier.

But in a matter of reproductive age there does not end all "aging sperm can cause other complications that are possible prevented before and during pregnancy if taken conscience and act with maturity," said the specialist, who directs the Center for Medicine and Reproductive Genetics.


Juan Carlos Martin is a wholesaler of electronics that, when he wanted to have a baby at 50, underwent a study to find out what conditions were his sperm.

Her partner was young and had no children and he also wanted to be a father, he decided "whether liver disease requiring medication take me a while could affect the embryo." But all was well and eventually became the father of a girl.

But for Jorge Aguilar, graphic and university professor designer, "go back to being father to the 52 found me at a time of life when he was distracted, happy but a little scared because my children from my first marriage, were great and I was afraid to hinder my relationship with them. "

"Complicated by these issues, I never thought that could cause some difficulty for me baby. I believed that men were able to have children throughout life and did me any study. Luckily my baby, who is now three months is fine. "

In both cases, they could have children without resorting to assisted fertilization techniques; but only one of them-and that was in the middle of a treatment with medicines-called opinion and learned about their situation and the possibility that the quality of their sperm is not optimal.

"About that group of men He holds Papier- are focusing efforts, trying to raise awareness in three difficulties that may occur after age 45, when you opt for the late fatherhood. It is infertility, no embryo implantation or pregnancy loss, and genetic abnormalities that can affect this new life. "

In regard to women, it is argued that today mark the 38 years the age at which it begins to be risks, and the limit, even with reproductive treatments, is set at 44 or 45 years.

The key to tackle a problem of infertility

1. We must stop perceiving infertility as a disease or a social stigma in order to start working on it.

2. The dialogue is essential. The couple should sit down and talk, face the problem together and empathize with the feelings of the other.

3. Ask the experts any questions you have and will also seek the expertise of other couples who have lived the same.
Stress means less ovulation and fertilization, and abortion more likely
4. Finding out what type of treatment is best suited to their own medical conditions.

5. Be aware that the treatment may fail. This does not mean that couples go with an overall feeling of pessimism, but knowing you can not go right the first time and you have to try again.


The Spanish Fertility Society argues that the solution is the creation of a comprehensive intervention plan. A plan that is able to cover "from the difficulty of getting pregnant by natural means, continue with the diagnosis of sterility-infertility treatments and continue not end the pregnancy, but continue throughout pregnancy and even in search of a second child "they write.

Coupleswho are diagnosed with infertility often suffer stress or depression

Having child is a life goal. Or so they understand -and those couples seeking single moms, tirelessly, complete their life project to have it.

In many cases this is a question that is not a problem but sometimes people who want to be parents are faced with a setback: infertility. When a couple is diagnosed ending their inability to have a child becomes the desire duel. A duel which only can cope accepting the situation and looking for alternatives, according to Victoria Martinez, psychologist and expert in fertility clinics Eva.

Among the possible events that can occur in a couple grieving, the expert highlights the following issues:

On the one hand, differences in assuming the position of each member state may affect a couple. "The intensity of grief does not depend on the nature of the lost object, but the value attached to it," he explains. And secondly, the fact that the woman is suffering more loss due to biological questions. She is responsible for the natural process of gestation of a baby. Of course this does not mean that your partner does not suffer for it. Keys for working with parents

Ivf Infertility Success Rate

According to figures from Infertility institute based in Pereira, it is estimated that in the coffee, about 20% of the population suffers some fertility problem and many are unaware of this situation.

After several treatments has achieved the birth of over 400 babies through early consultation assisted family to study the case and propose a solution.


Treatment for male infertility depends on the cause and then the concept of a specialist can see a solution that allows to overcome the condition of bearing and psychic implications that fall on the reaction partner.

This can repair system that allows movement of sperm.
It is possible to reverse the vasectomy surgery in 85% of cases, but many men remain infertile even after removing the obstruction. Treating other complications (such as those due to past infections) may be more difficult. The surgery can also repair varicoceles, but may not restore fertility.

Hormonal therapy
If the cause is hormonal, treatment with injections of hormones (luteinizing and follicle stimulating) usually succeeds. However, it may be required a year or more of therapy to get enough sperm production and restore fertility.

Assisted reproduction
Other options for a couple to achieve conception are assisted reproductive techniques. These treatments include methods such as collecting sperm and placed in the uterus, combining an egg with sperm outside the body (in vitro fertilization) or injecting a single sperm into an egg (intracytoplasmic sperm injection).

Evaluation of male infertility
If after a year of trying to conceive, you and your partner fail to do so, both should consult fertility specialists. A urologist or reproductive endocrinologist can help to diagnose and treat infertility.

A first step that will allow closer to the origin of this problem is in the patient's medical history since childhood and infections and sexually or damage to the testicles transmitted diseases.

The test also includes a physical exam to check for signs of low testosterone or other conditions that affect fertility (as small or absent testicles). Also the specialist will perform a semen analysis to determine quantity, movement and shape of sperm.

Blood tests detect hormone deficiencies. In addition, your doctor may also do a transrectal ultrasound.

Infertility in men

Infertility in men
This disease or trauma to the reproductive organs, a problem that becomes the cause of divorce and instability in many couples, has been listed as one of the main questions of men, given the existing interest-bearing and causing them emotional blow .
Medical studies indicate that between 30% and 40% of cases, is caused by abnormalities in the testes, which are glands that produce sperm and testosterone (the principal male sex hormone).
   According to the doctor Ricardo Lopera, serving a clinic in Risaralda, after various investigations, it has managed to note that infections such as mumps, cancer treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy, surgery can cause injury or damage to the testicles.
In an interview with The Daily Otún, the doctor said that the testicles are in the baby's stomach while still in the womb and they must descend to the bag that protects called the scrotum, when this occurs there is a cause of infertility . Another such failure has to do with the excess heat and temperature, as this prevents the regular production of sperm.
  "In men often enlarged veins around the testes (varicoceles condition called varicose veins or veins). These raise the temperature "said the specialist, who both said that if these are very large varicose veins can cause low sperm production and irregularity in reproductive output.
In approximately 10-20% of cases, the problem is a blockage of the tubes called the vas deferens where the sperm travel to the penis at the time of intercourse.
  Furthermore, anomalies can be caused by scarring due to infection, a vasectomy (surgery to cut the vas deferens to prevent the passage of sperm) or cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease.