Friday, 28 August 2015

Infertility Fertilty Issues in Womens - Pregnancy Issues and Problems

looks forward to this program, which already attracts patients from Quebec across the border. "I have patients who went to New England for that program. They were willing to put a larger sum of money, but to have a guarantee pregnancy. Because it's a bit how it works: pregnancy is guaranteed or your money back. This is a concept quite different. "
Just a few years he had been slapped on the wrist by the College of Physicians for offering packages of this type in its Quebec clinics. "We had a formula where patients were paying for two cycles, and if they did not become pregnant, the third was free. So they paid in advance for two cycles, but at present the College of Physicians, it is forbidden to charge in advance for services not rendered or not rendered in the near future. When the College has made us the recommendation that it did not meet [ethical standards] were removed that program. "
Now that he is a partner of IntegraMed, he does not deny his interest in the program "guarantee pregnancy or your money back" for his nine Canadian clinics, four of which are in Quebec. But Dr. Saint-Michel remains cautious. "I do not know if we could implement it as it is. Each province has its standards, we must look if it is ethically permissible if it meets the ethical standards of each college. "

He is waiting to see what will be the new legal provisions when Bill 20, which ends the assisted reproduction program will be adopted. "Here, we can see if it can be applied, how it can be applied, if it meets the needs of our market. Sure it gets a significant advantage for customers. "

Beyond this package, there are a range of lending services that could be offered in Quebec clinics, with the end of public coverage of in vitro fertilization. "It is not everyone who has $ 7,000 available to pay in advance. So we could actually fund the patients until they have their tax credit. It would allow a much easier accessibility, In the US, the market for financial loans for fertility treatments is booming. "Eventually, it may be that Quebec should become interesting, according to the non-coverage of certain services," concedes Dr., which states that Bill 20, however, was not part of the plan when he began negotiating with IntegraMed there nearly a year.

For CĂ©line Braun, president of the Association of infertile couples in Quebec, it is the wolf that enters the fold. "This is the American Wild West, without law or scruple, who lands here; it is import business practices of American medicine in Quebec. "She fears abuses on the backs of patients emotional and" vulnerable "that go into debt in the hope of starting a family, as well as the marketing of a health service.

Dr. tries to make reassuring also aware of the risks associated to credit. "It is not necessary that it becomes like a sofa or a cell phone you buy on credit. I think in all this, the medical indication should remain the priority.

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