Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Parenting after 45, a growing trend

A 15 year Human Genome Project, today's medicine is able to help men seeking parenting after 45 to successfully transit experience and minimize risks, while life expectancy continues and states the trend towards delayed parenting.

"In men, more than women, it is not easy to determine the age of reproductive aging; However, advances in science today allow assert that genetic vulnerability of sperm begins after age 45, "says Sergio Papier, president of the Latin American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Although men can conceive even in old age, "reproductive aging increases the risk that the couple should consider", since, according Papier, "the quality of sperm deteriorates with age."

"Infertility can be a consequence of the vulnerability that comes with age. By that time, there are alternatives that allow time and reduce risk, as are nowadays assisted fertilization techniques, "said fertility specialist.

In Argentina, "the 20,000 couples seeking to have children by assisted fertilization, 3,000 are mothers or parents who reach that objective by egg donation and have more than 45 years they and more than 42 them," said Papier.

But in a matter of reproductive age there does not end all "aging sperm can cause other complications that are possible prevented before and during pregnancy if taken conscience and act with maturity," said the specialist, who directs the Center for Medicine and Reproductive Genetics.


Juan Carlos Martin is a wholesaler of electronics that, when he wanted to have a baby at 50, underwent a study to find out what conditions were his sperm.

Her partner was young and had no children and he also wanted to be a father, he decided "whether liver disease requiring medication take me a while could affect the embryo." But all was well and eventually became the father of a girl.

But for Jorge Aguilar, graphic and university professor designer, "go back to being father to the 52 found me at a time of life when he was distracted, happy but a little scared because my children from my first marriage, were great and I was afraid to hinder my relationship with them. "

"Complicated by these issues, I never thought that could cause some difficulty for me baby. I believed that men were able to have children throughout life and did me any study. Luckily my baby, who is now three months is fine. "

In both cases, they could have children without resorting to assisted fertilization techniques; but only one of them-and that was in the middle of a treatment with medicines-called opinion and learned about their situation and the possibility that the quality of their sperm is not optimal.

"About that group of men He holds Papier- are focusing efforts, trying to raise awareness in three difficulties that may occur after age 45, when you opt for the late fatherhood. It is infertility, no embryo implantation or pregnancy loss, and genetic abnormalities that can affect this new life. "

In regard to women, it is argued that today mark the 38 years the age at which it begins to be risks, and the limit, even with reproductive treatments, is set at 44 or 45 years.

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