Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The biological clock" that is not running on Women

But if one remains on a purely technical and medical (for example by putting aside the question of economic costs and the increasing gap between those who "can afford" to cool their pulp kids and others risk indeed moderate and as stated Smith, considering the universal sperm bank as a new prerogative of public health services), risks are much less than those relating to delayed childbearing.
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We often complain (and often rightly) that procreation and surroundings are a matter reserved for women, so why should we not inform men about these issues? Why tolerate the pressure of the "biological clock" alourdisse only women's lives, when we now know that it also turns for men, although the pace and modalities of his planned obsolescence different?   ivf cost in india

"Men should think much earlier their families. We must get the message that it is a much better idea for men and women, to children between 20 and 30 years." blastocyst transfer

If you want to reproduce, the balance of costs and benefits of delayed childbearing compared to the "normal natural" should be the choice of each, and this choice be minimally guided by economic constraints. But the reality is this: this choice has never been more possible and it will not cease to be more in coming years. laser hatching

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