Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The key to tackle a problem of infertility

1. We must stop perceiving infertility as a disease or a social stigma in order to start working on it.

2. The dialogue is essential. The couple should sit down and talk, face the problem together and empathize with the feelings of the other.

3. Ask the experts any questions you have and will also seek the expertise of other couples who have lived the same.
Stress means less ovulation and fertilization, and abortion more likely
4. Finding out what type of treatment is best suited to their own medical conditions.

5. Be aware that the treatment may fail. This does not mean that couples go with an overall feeling of pessimism, but knowing you can not go right the first time and you have to try again.


The Spanish Fertility Society argues that the solution is the creation of a comprehensive intervention plan. A plan that is able to cover "from the difficulty of getting pregnant by natural means, continue with the diagnosis of sterility-infertility treatments and continue not end the pregnancy, but continue throughout pregnancy and even in search of a second child "they write.

Coupleswho are diagnosed with infertility often suffer stress or depression

Having child is a life goal. Or so they understand -and those couples seeking single moms, tirelessly, complete their life project to have it.

In many cases this is a question that is not a problem but sometimes people who want to be parents are faced with a setback: infertility. When a couple is diagnosed ending their inability to have a child becomes the desire duel. A duel which only can cope accepting the situation and looking for alternatives, according to Victoria Martinez, psychologist and expert in fertility clinics Eva.

Among the possible events that can occur in a couple grieving, the expert highlights the following issues:

On the one hand, differences in assuming the position of each member state may affect a couple. "The intensity of grief does not depend on the nature of the lost object, but the value attached to it," he explains. And secondly, the fact that the woman is suffering more loss due to biological questions. She is responsible for the natural process of gestation of a baby. Of course this does not mean that your partner does not suffer for it. Keys for working with parents

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