Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Looking for that infertility is a disease included in the health plan

The person who suffers is intolerant to gluten, a reaction similar to lactose intolerance, causing an immune reaction that is detrimental to health in various parts of the body.

Protein is vital and is present in the bones, muscles, red blood cells and is a supporting tissue that forms an interlacing for other important cells, giving it passed the disease to cause havoc in other body systems.

He said that in Argentina, one percent of the population suffers from this evil and it is estimated that many people unknowingly suffer; He noted that in recent years is being detected more frequently thanks to shared knowledge.
Looking for that infertility is a disease included in the health plan

 The initiative was filed by the Party Congresswoman Martha Villalba U Hodwalker who noted that in Colombia are more than 2.5 million couples who were unable to become parents.

Throughout my public exercise I have been advocating, from all areas in which I participated, reproductive rights; reason for Congress to support earlier this initiative which failed due to expiration of terms, but returned to present further strengthened in terms of legal, medical, economic and social arguments with the support of the Foundation most fertile Colombia, "he said parliamentary.
 This initiative, also known as the 'SARA' in the country seeking public policy is established within the Health System including procedures to cure infertility in stable couples, so not particularly have to bear the costs arising from treatment are often unattainable for this population.

"Within the treatments included in the new benefit plan they are: ovulation induction; controlled ovarian stimulation; triggering ovulation; Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART); intrauterine, intracervical or intravaginal insemination. As well as diagnostic procedures, medications and supportive therapies, "said the congressman.

To access benefits, affiliated to the Social Security System in Health must be Colombian citizens or have a minimum of five years of residence in our country, has been diagnosed infertility problems verifiable by a competent professional, checked in said patient need and show that does not have the resources to afford treatment. Priority will be given couples who have not yet had children.

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