Sunday, 17 January 2016

IVF Centre in India is the Best Affordable Choice for Aspiring Parents

In the recent years lots of babies have born through IVF and other fertility treatments. In UK, it has been estimated that around 17041 test tube babies are born via IVF. This is first country where in Oldham General Hospital which is based in Greater Manchester, world’s first test tube baby was born via IVF and named Louise Brown. The second successful test tube baby was born in India. This baby girl was born 67 days after the birth of Louise Brown. The second baby born via IVF named Durga.

There are various steps involved in IVF process. Get idea from the following that what process it consist of:

  • If a woman is found to be have less number of eggs or poor quality of eggs then doctors stimulate her ovary to produce eggs via Follicle Stimulation Hormone (FSH) injections which are given every day.
  • After the collection of eggs from woman, they mix the eggs with sperms of her partner in a test tube. The fertilization occurs outside the body of female in a test tube.
  • After the process of fertilizing of eggs with sperms, embryos are developed and then only one embryo is selected after testing. 
  • Embryos which have abnormal number of Mitochondrial DNA level, they are not counted as a healthy and viable. So these types of embryos are removed and only one embryo which has large number of mitochondrial DNA, this one is selected for implantation into the uterus of woman. 
  • If a woman has any uterus problem, then blastocyst embryo transfer technique is used for implantation so that IVF failure does not occur. 

IVF is considered as the most expensive technique in western countries but In India it is the most affordable choice for every Indian infertile people as well international patients. Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital is the most eminent and topmost IVF centre in India which is considered as the most affordable private centre which is offering all types of infertility treatment at the best rate that can be afforded by people.

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