Monday, 4 January 2016

IVF Centre in India Helps Many Patients to Achieve Successful Pregnancy

IVF is a short form of In-Vitro Fertilization which is a procedure used for removing infertility and creates fertility. It is the modern advanced approach which has lightens the hope of becoming a parent.
In this approach eggs are collected from the women’s ovary with the help of stimulation process. Sometimes in some cases woman is not able to produce eggs due to internal issues. Follicle Stimulation Hormone (FSH) injections are used for ovarian stimulation which is given every day. After this injection woman’s ovaries are able to produce eggs. Eggs are collected and then combine them with her husband’s sperms in a test tube. If her husband is not able to ejaculate eggs then sperm donor is arranged at that time otherwise other procedure like ICSI is used to retrieve the single sperm and then insert that sperm into egg’s shell for fertilization. This is the process of ICSI with IVF. In IVF procedure only sperms are fertilized with eggs in a test tube which is arranged in a lab. After the fertilization process embryos are formed. Embryos are tested to predict that which embryo is used for implantation. For transplantation of an embryo into woman’s womb only single healthy embryo is used. After embryo testing in a lab, doctor search the healthiest viable embryo and used that embryo to transplant into the woman’s uterus.  After two weeks of embryo transfer, pregnancy test is conducted to confirm that you are pregnant.
Sofat Infertility is the best IVF centre in India which has achieved immense success and completed the desire of many couples. Thousands of patients come for infertility treatment and they get desired result which they have expected. Doctors are very friendly and highly qualified and experienced. It is counted as the first centre of North India which has started the laser hatching with IVF to improve IVF success rate.

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