Thursday, 27 April 2017

Are Advanced Reproductive Techniques A Platform For Surrogacy?

The answer is yes, assisted reproductive techniques are increasing the rate of surrogacy in India. In the past, traditional surrogacy was commonly used a method that is taken to be artificial insemination. In this, the surrogate’s eggs would be used and the sperms are taken from the intended father. The child was connected to the surrogate.

Today, all possible means are performed especially with the help of IVF to get a genetic child and the surrogate only surrenders her womb for the period of nine months. This type of surrogacy is known as gestational surrogacy and it is preferred over the former. Surrogacy in India is providing an ultimate chance for barren couples to have a child/children in the lives. Couples with various related issues like infertility, cardiovascular problems, physical disabilities, HIV/AIDs, weak or no wombs, miscarriages, and low sperm count can benefit from surrogacy.

The procedure of surrogacy begins with modifying the menstrual periods of the intended mother and the surrogate. Fertility drugs may be given to the intended mother to produce more eggs for the IVF procedure. The day 2 or day 21 technique is used in the case of the intended mother. When using the day 2 technique (antagon), dental beginning control pills are provided and on the second day of the times, gonadotropin shots or injections are started and USG tracking is done every single day. Oestrogen tablets are given to the surrogate to prepare her womb for implantation and development of the embryo. 

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