Thursday, 3 December 2015

Scientist Achieved Success in Transforming Traditional IVF

IVF is the most rewarding prosperous approach that has aided so many couples of India and other western couples also. We have heard the lot of successful stories of couple who had undergo IVF treatment. Why to forget other failed stories? They are also considered as the best stories of IVF failure. With failure we check our things to improve it so that we get success in future. So I think unsuccessful stories are also made impact on the life of many couples as well as doctors also.

Everybody knows that we learn new things from our bad experience that has happened in past. Like this if we will not hear the stories which are failed then how we come to know that why this happened and what was the reason behind this.

When IVF treatment was discovered then at that there was no limitation. Nobody knows that this could result in success stories and failure stories. Drawbacks are recovered from the feedbacks of the patients and scientist started worked out to remove the limitations. As earlier age factor was the major reason for IVF failure.  It was estimated that a woman who is 35 years she would have 50% success rate. 86% success rate was achieved by woman whose age is less than 35 years. Above 35 years, if she goes for IVF treatment then there was 32% success rate. It shows that woman age was responsible for the failure.

But today IVF centre in India has done lot of work in removing all limitations of IVF treatment and made this approach safe for the patients. Lots of improvement has been made to create the fertility during IVF reproductive approach. It was a myth that only younger woman can go for IVF treatment. But today anyone can avail. Age does not matter. In fact chances of getting pregnant in above 35 years of woman are more than the younger age.

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