Sunday, 27 December 2015

8 Test Tube Babies Born – Miracle at Sofat Infertility IVF Centre in India

Do you know something about test tube baby? I have written the many updates regarding this procedure. If you are first visitor to my blog, then I will tell you about the test tube baby. What is it and why it is used?

Test tube baby is the assisted reproductive technology which is used for creating a baby for those couples who cannot conceive a baby. Test tube baby is also known as In- Vitro Fertilization (IVF). It is the procedure for the treatment of infertility and makes the couple ready for achieving pregnancy. 

IVF consists of various steps which plays a key role in making a baby. Firstly if a woman has a problem of premature ovarian or any other in which she is not able to produce eggs then doctor use a Follicle Stimulation Hormone (FSH) injections to produce the eggs. It is given every day to retrieve the eggs surgically. After the collection of eggs, doctor use that eggs and mix them with the sperms which are taken from her partner. Some time sperm donor is also arranged if her partner cannot produce due some problem. Eggs and sperms are combined in a test tube which is specially prepared for creating embryos. In a test tube embryos are developed. After this procedure, liabilities of embryos are checked that which is the healthiest. As earlier, so many embryos are used for implantation, and due to this fault IVF failed. But in today’s time test is conducted for testing the embryos. According to the DNA level, two or three cells of embryo are taken for testing. Basically an embryo is made up of hundred cells. The embryo which is viable and passed the test, that is taken for implantation. After implanting the embryo into the women’s womb, pregnancy test is conducted to make sure that woman is pregnant or not.

In Sofat Infertility Women Care Centre which is counted as the best IVF center in India. Within 5 days 8 test tube babies are born. This centre has achieved the great success in making the reputation as well as in giving the birth to the infertile couples. Dr. Sumita Sofat has given the contributionto achieve babies through test tube baby or IVF process. She is the giver who gives life to the couples and gives the chance of becoming a parent.

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