Thursday, 3 December 2015

Think about Harmful Effects first Before Go for IVF Centre in India

IVF Centre in India has given assistance to many needy couples in achieving the successful pregnancy. Thousands of patients have accomplished their dream with the help of this technique. As earlier it was unachievable for infertile couple to become a parent. But with the hard work of doctors and scientist, it becomes possible to create fertility all over the world.

Before going IVF treatment you should know about its process, advantages and disadvantages also. I would like add both here advantage and disadvantage.

Benefit of IVF:
  • It helps the patients who do not have ability to become a parent.
  • A woman who has a problem of blocked or damages fallopian tube. These tubes can be improved with the help of this treatment.
  • A woman who is above 40 years, she has less chances of getting pregnant due to the poor quality of eggs and the quantity of eggs are also low in amount. During IVF, FSH hormone is used to stimulate the woman’s ovary to produce eggs. With the assistance of this, woman start producing eggs and then eggs are used for fertilization.
  • Sperm reproduction is also fixed with IVF treatment. Male who has sperm production and transportation problem, he can have less chances of making her partner pregnant.
  • Unexplained Infertility, PCOs, Endometriosis can also removed with the assistance of this reproductive approach IVF. 

Disadvantage of IVF:
  • Create fertility with the help of IVF; this can be lead to side effects in future.
  • Multiple pregnancies can be happen when multiple embryos are used for implantation. So it is always advised that use single embryo during transfer.
  • The rate of ectopic pregnancy can be increased.
  • The stimulation hormone can lead to long term health problem in future after the born of a baby.
  • It is expensive in some centres.

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