Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why people afraid to talk about Infertility? Dr. Sumita Sofat

Mostly people feel embarrass to discuss about infertility issue with doctor or anyone. No need to feel bad when you come to know that you have infertility issue that’s why you are not able to become a parent. You should often discuss this to your friend or any elder who is at your home. By doing this you can get the idea that what to do and how to overcome from this situation. Today, many people who were diagnosed with this problem, today they are blessed with a baby and this has become possible only through the modern reproductive treatments which is proved to be a boon for infertile couples.
Here I would like to share a video regarding infertility problem. In this clip, Dr. Sumita Sofat who is the topmost IVF doctor in Punjab, is talking about this issue and making people aware about this.
Have a look at this video – IVF Treatment in Punjab

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