Thursday, 10 December 2015

Not Getting Pregnant? Why? How to Get Pregnant?

Pregnancy is the part of reproductive health, which is considered as the internal section of the body. If you are internally fit and fine then you do not experience pregnancy problem.

SO to achieve successful pregnancy you should focus on your health and good food which helps in increasing the fertility level.

When a couple is trying to conceive, some couple achieved pregnancy without any complications and for some couples it is very difficult to gain. Internal problem is the main factor which hinders you to not getting pregnant and you and your partner considered as infertile couple.

Who is Responsible for Not Getting Pregnant?

In some cases female is found to be responsible for not gaining pregnancy and in some cases male is responsible. Sometime there is unexplained infertility occur in which it is not confirmed that who is responsible and due which factor this problem is occurring. When all tests failed to evaluate the reason behind the cause of infertility, at that time infertility named as unidentified. In some cases both partners have problem.

Process of natural pregnancy

Female must know when her body starts ovulating and when menstrual cycle should start. She should remember the dates of her periods. Ovulation is the process of producing a mature egg from the mature ovarian follicles. Mature egg can be known as ovum or female gamete. It is usually starts before 12-16 days of your periods. When a mature egg is released and travels down the fallopian tube then that egg meet with sperm and get fertilized. After the fertilization, embryo is developed and woman gets pregnant. 

Problems of not getting pregnant

Infertility problem can be evaluated with the help of periods. You can track the periods time and analyze that your periods are coming on exact date. Usually, after every 28-32 days menstrual period starts. If your periods are not coming on exact time then it could be a sign of infertility problem.

Sometimes periods are coming on exact time, but you are not able to achieve pregnancy. It can sue to the uterus problem and fallopian tube problem. May be your fallopian tubes are damaged or blocked which restricts the eggs to meet with sperms and that’s why they are not fertilized. Fallopian tube blockage can be treated with the help of different reproductive approaches. 

Sometime there is another reason is also of not getting pregnant due to the premature ovarian problem in which ovaries do not produce good quality of eggs. This is the problem of ovulation and this can be treated with ovulation induction treatment.

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