Monday, 21 December 2015

How to Boost Fertility and Achieve Pregnancy? - Fertility Advice

Infertility is the worst disease which breaks the dreams of the couple. Every couple has aspiration of achieving a pregnancy and attains a child which builds their relationship more strong. But some parents may have problem in achieving the successful pregnancy. Let’s us discuss some factors which are responsible for not making your pregnant. If any of the given below factors affect you then you should immediately go to the doctor for treatment.

  • Health Issues: PCOS (ovarian cyst), endometriosis, uterus problem, unsafe abortion, or any previous surgeries can reduce the fertility and make you infertile. Thyroid, kidney disease, cervical, irregular periods may also cause infertility problem.
  • Abnormal Menstrual Cycles: Due to hormonal imbalances disease like PCOS, endometriosis, overweight, underweight, you can suffer irregular period’s issues, or absent periods, or heavier periods, or lighter periods. Due to these problems, it is difficult to become pregnant. It affects the ovulation cycle.
  • Smoking: It is researched that 10% percent of the women are affected with infertility due to smoking. This survey has been found according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Male infertility is also affected due to smoking which reduce the sperms production.
  • Weight: Overweight may cause infertility problem. When your weight is increased suddenly then it can affect your androgen and estrogen hormone. With your rising weight these hormones also increased at excessive level. Hence your reproduction cycle gets affected and du to this you may get irregular periods problem and you may also don’t ovulate.
  • Age: Age is the biggest factor which is responsible for infertility. At certain age fertility declines and you cannot achieve pregnancy. If your age is equal to 30 years or above 30 years than you have 20% of chance of conceiving a baby. Above 40 years you have very less chance which is only 5%  to achieve a pregnancy.

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