Friday, 25 December 2015

Best IVF specialist in Punjab – Dr. Sumita Sofat

If you are searching for the best IVF specialist in Punjab then Dr. Sumita Sofat is the best gynecologist. Do you know that what does IVF mean? IVF is the technique or you can say that it’s a procedure to conceive a child without sex. 

If you cannot conceive due to some internal issues which restrict to achieve pregnancy then this treatment helps you in getting pregnant. In female the causes of infertility can be irregular periods or other menstrual cycle issue which can be due to the health disease like PCOS (ovarian cyst), endometriosis, thyroid, cervical and other infected issues like fallopian tube blockage, uterus infection, and other issues. 

Sometime male issue is aroused when pregnancy is not achieved. Male infertility is always caused due to sperms related problems which are occurred because of alcohol and smoking consumption. There can be other reasons like genetically defect which is inherited from your family and unexplained infertility which is unidentified by the doctors.  
IVF treatment in Punjab is the most successful procedure which is done in the location of Ludhiana by Dr. Sumita Sofat. She is the owner of Sofat infertility centre and accomplished the wishes of thousands of infertile couple.

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