Saturday, 31 October 2015

Latest Reproductive Techniques to Cure Infertility Treatment

In India, around 15% of the populations are afflicted with infertility problem. For them, dream of having a child is very difficult. They are trying for this to achieve a successful pregnancy with the aid of different types of reproductive technologies.

Today in India, all types of treatment are available for diagnosis any kind of disease. It means India is progressing so much for removing the health problem of the people so that they live happy life. Experts have discovered the various methods for improving the fertility and complete the dream of couples. This is the great achievement for our country that our coming futures are achieved through the latest advanced reproductive technologies.

There are several infertility treatment options to achieve the pregnancy. People must aware of this that which treatment is the most effective. I will describe the main treatments which are in discussion now a day. These are following:

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization): Couples are opting this approach and considered that this is the protective method to achieve a pregnancy. This technique has increased the pregnancy rate of 3% to about 15% - 16% in women who are below 40 years. Over 40 years of age, 5%-7% has grossed. That’s why couples are moving to IVF treatment in India. In this women’s eggs are surgically retrieved from the ovaries and they are mixed with the sperms of the man which is also taken from the male. All fertilization occurs inside the body. When embryos are created then healthiest embryo is ready to transfer into the female’s uterus.

Surrogacy:This is the most affordable reproductive approach in India. It is the most successful technique. It requires a surrogate mother or father and their eggs or sperms are mixed together with the father’s sperms or mother’s eggs respectively. Surrogacy center in Delhi is very popular in providing the surrogacy treatment in the most effective and safest way. This treatment method is filled with emotions of the surrogate parent. Legalized documents are prepared for adopting a child.

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