Thursday, 29 October 2015

How to go for IVF Centre in India? What is the procedure of IVF?

IndiaIVF Centre is the great option for every couple who are struggling with infertility problem from many years. Patients come from all over the country to treat their infertility problem. Having a baby with the aid of the reproductive techniques is the miracle for everyone which has become the part of our life. With the help of Doctors efforts it has become possible that patients are receiving the high IVF success rate.

So what is procedure of IVF? How couples go for it?

IVF involves the environment of a lab dish where sperms of the man are mixed together with eggs of women. Fertilization take place and embryo is created after few weeks. Following are steps:

1.       Downtime Regulation Step - Patient is asked to notice her menstruation time. On the first day of her period, blood sample is collected.
2.       Ovaries are made inactive to insure better response to IVF hormone injection for a short period of time.
3.       IVF HCG trigger injection is injected into the woman’s body. It stimulates the woman to reproduce the eggs. It is basically done when follicle’s size in vagina and hormones are perfectly balanced.
4.       After this step sperms from the husband is collected. If there is problem in man that he cannot ejaculate sperms then donor sperms are arranged in the clinic.
5.       The procedure of collecting the eggs from the female is followed daily. It is recommended that patient must avoid eating and drinking from prior to night.
6.       Sperms from male and eggs from female are obtained. Then combine the sperms with the eggs in the lab dish which is also called incubator. There fertilization take place and fertilized eggs are formed which are called embryos.
7.       When embryos are developed inside the test tube, then doctors select the healthiest embryo to implant it in the female’s womb. This method is the most important and it needs more pay attention. Doctors do the test of choosing the healthiest embryo in lab.
8.       After choosing the fine embryo, woman’s uterus is tested that it ready to implant or not. Then healthiest embryo is transferred into the female’s uterus.

9.       After two weeks a test is conducted to confirm that patient is pregnant or not.

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