Monday, 19 October 2015

Surrogacy in India?

Surrogacy in India is a very good option for the couples who want to have their names on the birth certificate. Surrogates in India have no rights on the child and they cannot change their thinking about give the child to their parents .Only the parents of the child have all rights. Parents of the child want the professional relation with their surrogate. Now, Do you know I am talking about the surrogates and who are those? Let me explain you firstly that what is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a legal contract between the woman and the couple who wants to have their own child. If I say it in simple words then Surrogacy means to take a womb on rent of another lady till the delivery of that baby. Then after that woman gives the children to their parents. It’s basically needs when woman is fail to conceive a baby after trying on various options and treatments and have taken sophisticated multiple pregnancy losses and failed with a multiple attempts of IVF treatment. Then for them, the only option is left to find surrogate from various health centers and then put their child on rent womb. After delivery they take their child from the surrogate. So the woman who gets ready to deliver a child is called a surrogate.

India is one of the best places for delivering these types of services about on any infertility. There are various infertility treatment centers in India. For many infertile patients, India has been a best destination for surrogacy cause. 

·        Now, you will think that why India is best, any reasons?
·        There are many reasons for choosing India :-
·        The main thing for all is in India the treatment of surrogacy is very economical and mostly affordable for all people if we compare it as western countries.
·        India’s culture is very good. Woman becomes surrogate with her own wish or internal desire.

·        Parents of the child can easily meet with the surrogate mother in India. The laws in UK and US don’t allow the surrogate woman to be paid by the couple who wants to have their child, so that the no one gets ready to become her effort and time to the parents and become surrogate for them. Whereas in India, Compensation gives to the surrogate for give their womb on rent to the couple.
·        Law of surrogacy and all legal facets allows everybody here to takes the advantage of surrogacy treatment.

Don’t entrust on one point of view. Look for a good health centre clinic that has a expertise team and good experience with their national and international clients. So far, I believe in the Sofat Hospital. When my cousin fails to conceive with IVF treatment then she decided for surrogacy. Then firstly we search various clinics and ask about various questions for investigation to find best clinic. We simply ask from various clients who will share their story of taking surrogacy treatment. We find out from all the clients point of view, Sofat Hospital is best. Then we decided to take the surrogacy procedure from this Hospital. Dr. Sumita Sofat and her team are very talented and a professional Doctor.My cousin takes all the procedure from this hospital. They find good surrogate and make a legal; agreement between my cousin and the woman who become surrogate for her child. Then after delivery of the woman, she gives the baby to their parents. Now, she is very happy with her baby and enjoys the life. I am sure about the treatment of this hospital because we took experienced from their result. Their all team used advanced and super techniques. We can faith on them.

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