Tuesday, 13 October 2015

ICSI Treatment in India – Process, Cost and who can go for it

What is ICSI?
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection abbreviated as ICSI which follows the reproductive approach to inject a sperm into the eggs through injection. This method is used to treat the male infertility. During the selection of a sperm, it requires micromanipulation apparatus, inverted microscopes and some devices to retrieve individual sperm. After the retrieval, sperm is ready to interject in to the cytoplasm of egg layer and then moved to the cytoplasm.

Who go for ICSI Treatment?
Mostly this method is done as per requirement.
1.       If you are having a low count of sperms or zero count then doctor usually recommend this treatment.
2.       Sperm Motility which causes that the sperm can't swim well due to abnormal shapes of sperms.
3.       Sometimes sperms cannot be discharged and stored in the testicles. To collect the sperms from the testicles this approach is adopted.
4.       Due to diabetes, you are not able to ejaculate the sperms.

In some cases of IVF, it is hard to collect the sperms from the male partner then ICSI is done to ejaculate the sperms from the male and then injected into the woman’s eggs for fertilization take place.

With ICSI treatment, you can conceive a genetic baby. ICSI is being done with IVF, enhances the success rate of pregnancy. This is great modern technique to have your own baby which is completely yours. Usually this approach is very expensive. But at Sofat Infertility Woman Care Centre, this reproductive technique is available at reasonable cost which can be afforded by anyone. This hospital is the best ICSI treatment in India and strives to offer the excellent infertility services at the normal cost.
Click here to look out this video which tells you that how ICSI is being done in IVF lab of Sofat Infertility Centre.

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