Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lifestyle Factors Affects the General Health of Male amd Female - Infertility in India

Today lifestyle of the people has changed. Everybody have a hectic life and so they don’t get time to take care themselves. This busy life engagement has put the life of the human very stressful, which has impact the health of the person. The tendency of reproduce is going on decreasing now a day. 15% of the population has got affected with the infertility problem. This is the major issues of our country that our future babies cannot come due to inability of the couple. India has taken the step for this and organized the various problems to make aware the people regarding the reproductive problems which obstruct them to have a baby.

Lifestyle Factors

So the question is that why lifestyle has affected the general health of the couples. What the main factors for which they cannot conceive a baby? What is the main cause of infertility? Today obesity is very much spreading between the people. Science has made the life of the people very easy by offering the machines or gadgets to them. People become lethargic and don’t want to swing their body to do a work. They work which does not need any moment into their body. Even for losing their weight they need supplements and don’t want to do an exercise. 

This luxurious and easy life leads to obesity which causes overweight. Underweight is also responsible for infertility problem. So the normal weight is the most appropriate weight, which has no chances of infertility issue. A person must be physically active. Moreover, smoking, absorption of alcohol, drugs causes the reproduction issue. Those women who smokes and drink alcohol, they have the low chances of conceiving a child

 These factors also affects the male fertility. It results in low or zero count of sperm production. Ejaculation of sperms are reduced in number. They also face sperm motility in which their sperms cannot move or swim smoothly because of irregular shapes or other reason. 

So, both man and woman must take care of themselves. They must avoid the bad habits.

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