Thursday, 11 June 2015

Control Sad Pregnancy Test

1. Obesity
woman tries to close small jeans Obesity is a leading cause of female infertility. The extra pounds can affect the production of hormones, which can affect in a negative way the ovulation and therefore the possibility of fertilization. A 2009 study showed that girls who tend to be obese at around 18 years old, are more likely to develop PCOS.

2. Being too thin
woman measuring waist with tape measure in hand Also being underweight can be an impediment to a successful pregnancy. In fact it is lacking the right level of leptin, the satiety hormone, which also help in regulating the menstrual cycle and then ovulation. If you want to have a son is good to have groped a weight as close as possible to normal.

3. Exposure to chemicals
woman cleans cooking The pesticides, detergents and all those chemicals with which the couple can meet lower the chances of that to give birth to a child. And if the men to be affected is the sperm count, in women the effect is usually an early menopause which obviously makes it impossible ovulation. It fails the cell to be fertilized. Pay attention to the quality of the products you use.

4. Smoking 
woman with cigarette Among the many problems that smoking cigarettes leads, there is also to infertility. And it does not even need to be of heavy smokers. Several studies have shown that even secondhand smoke can cause problems reproductive women. Not only: a study of 2014 showed that this effect can be transmitted even to their own children.

5. Alcohol
Woman drinks cocktail Alcohol consumption is not only detrimental to the liver or nervous system. Playback capability is also affected by the abuse of this substance. And 'well then avoid an excessive consumption of alcohol. There is no evidence that a cocktail a week can affect ovulation but is statistically known that people who drink more are more likely to then having to turn to the centers for artificial insemination. It would be better not to risk.

6. Breastfeeding
mother breastfeeding It is difficult to try to get pregnant while still nursing at the breast, and it is a myth to dispel what we can not do it. But it's really hard to happen. The act of feeding with breast milk the little affect on ovulation actually lowering the chances of conception of women.
7. Exercise extreme
woman makes exercise Physical activity, if conducted with Similar helps the body work better. But when the same conduct is exaggerated or extreme even for competitive reasons, women can be a double edged sword. In fact, it affects ovulation. Women of normal weight who exercise five days a week can experience a change in the menstrual cycle. In that case,especially if you want to get pregnant, it becomes necessary to seek advice from your gynecologist.

8. Contraceptive Injection
doctor injects substance arm woman Usually when you stop taking any type of birth control pill ovulation normalizes and the chances of getting pregnant return to normal. It is not the case of an Some women are able to get pregnant in less than a month, for other long enough you can even get to touch the 12 months.

9. Thyroid problems
doctor checks thyroid A study conducted in the early months of 2015 has finally revealed what we all suspected, namely that an undiagnosed hypothyroidism and more generally the thyroid canaffect female fertility. When you have trouble getting pregnant should always check the health of the organ.

10. Caffeine
woman drinks coffee Caffeine can be a cause of female infertility. Not only it makes it more difficult the journey of the egg to the uterus: it was found that those who consume large amounts of coffee daily have also more difficulties with the system of in vitro fertilization.

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