Friday, 19 June 2015

Why HCG injection is important in IVF?

Eventually a great day comes when doctor will test that the eggs are mature and the most of the eggs are taken for fertilization. However exceptions always make their way out, the instructions for discovering the suitable time for eggs collection are when there are minimum two follicles of size 18mm or larger, more than half of follicles have minimum size 15mm with estrogen level between 1500 to 5000. These state the blood quality on the final day of stimulation instead egg collection. The blood samples are usually not taken on the collection day in the best IVF treatment in India clinic. Irrespective of the aspect that eggs are mature but they are not fully matured. 

For every follicle of size 15 milimeter or larger to create a mature egg, an injection may be given that is called HCG. For the initial 36 to 40 hours subsequent to injection, larger size eggs undergo the maturation procedure. It is important to mature the eggs to enable them fertilize healthily. In other case, it is crucial that within 40 hours subsequent to HCG injection. In few cases above 40 hours, if eggs are not taken they ovulate and then are removed from the ovary and sent in the abdominal cavity from where they cannot be found.

 Therefore it is essential that HCG injection should be taken under the supervision of your speciality within a time given and collection is done precisely within 36 hours. Several hours anyway will not be deleterious but over than that required could be harmful and reduce the success rates. The eggs collection is done within 36 hours after the injection which is a mild surgical procedure conducted by inserting a needle in the upper vaginal wall directly into the ovary. This process is done under ultrasound supervision to find the location of follicles to retrieve the eggs precisely. It is included in the ivf treatment cost in India process.

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