Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Will 3-person in vitro fertilization get legalized?

IVF is proving a very powerful and fast adopted technique from past three decades. From time to time advancements are made in every technique and so is done with ivf! Now 3 person ivf research and development has generated many results, some are positive and others are negative obviously. In 3-person IVF treatment technique, scientists are playing with genetics of three people in one go i.e. They are taking the desired or expected characteristics from three people instead of two! This technique is popularly known as mitochondria replacement or manipulation of mitochondria’s and most well understood version is "three person embryos baby". Ivf treatment centre in india
This technique is empowered for women who are suffering from mitochondrial disease but still want to have a child with her own genetics characters. The process of technique is very simple and follows the procedure of removing the bad cells from the eggs of an affected woman(the mother who desires a baby) and put it to meet with egg of another woman.
While doing 3-person IVF- main focus is outlined that mitochondrial disease should not get transferred from mother to child. Correct implementation time is desired for the success of this technique.
There are two types of techniques under this:
1. Embryo repair
2. Egg repair
3-person IVF- the mitochondrial transfer R & D
A lot of discussion is going on this technique and below is the list of some facts and figures:
1      *  This technique is basically to prevent new born babies to be born with mitochondria disease
.     *  This technique is used to treat the infertility problem and is boon for women born with this rare disease.
3     * This technology is best suited to absolutely avoid or neglect the mitochondria transfer.
4    *  This technology is all related to genetically modify the embryos and thus leading to the formation of baby born from three parents.
5     In this technology cells are considered as small batteries that can be swiped out in any way like blood transfusion.
Risk Factor:This technique is quite risky as it evolves playing with the genes which is harmful in one way or the other and is against nature.

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