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Infertile Couple

Infertility for a couple is the condition of not able to bear a child even after regular and without performing sex without any contraceptive or protection measures. Women above the age of 35 face major infertility issues due o female factor. Though both male and female can be held equally responsible for not bearing a child, but to diagnose the cause in any one of them and in some rare cases in both the partners is quiet vital to fight the infertility problems.

In this modern epoch, fortunately there are numerous techniques and therapies prevalent in the health sector to fight the infertility issues. These technologies together termed as Assisted Reproduction technologies have gone viral to give couples 100% results and have become a trademark to be able to bear a child crossing all the boundaries except in very rare cases like unexplained infertility.

The effects of infertility issues are very perilous on one’s mind. Major causes of such reproductive problems are some diseases and age factor. Both these factors are equally treatable with latest ART technologies but up to a certain extent. IVF or In-vitro fertilization is very common and notorious technique among the child seekers as well as infertility specialist. IVF involves the process of fetching eggs from the lady’s body under a specialized procedure or during ovulation. Sometimes due to pre menopause and irregular periods, people look for egg donor so that they can carry out the further IVF process.

The extracted or removes eggs from the lady’s uterus are then combined with the male partner sperms so that the embryos can be developed under set temperature conditions in the embryological lab in a tube or dish. The embryos take 2-4 days to form and then transferred back in the uterus of the lady so that the normal pregnancy can be borne by the lady.

The overall process of IVF is very complicated, but this procedure is best to fight the hormonal issues and other genetic factor that may exists in one or both the partners. In-vitro fertilization is the most promising technique and which is the famous treatment in India and it is also known as the IVF treatment in India. One complete cycle of IVF takes approx two weeks.

The overall process can be diversified in following manner:

Egg Fertilized
1. Firstly wannabe mother’s ovulation cycle is tracked in case she has nomenopause or pre menopause.

2. Then the ovum (eggs) are removed from her ovaries.

3. After that the extracted sperms from male partner are set free to meet the ovum (obviously in the lab).

4. The fertilized egg called zygote which actually comes up as embryo is then inserted back to the uterus of the mother.

5. The developed embryo then attaches itself to the lining of the uterus to continue with normal pregnancy process of nine months.

Due to such complexity in this ART technology, IVF is expensive procedure and after diagnosed with infertility issues and knowing its complexity, only 12% couples in India seek it out on average from past 2 years.

IVF is never seemed out by the infertile couples as the first option. In fact, after trying all sort of therapies, drugs and other less complicated ART technologies like IUI (intrauterine insemination). Thus to conclude we can say that when all other things fail to bear a child, IVF works indeed.

What are the Causes of infertility that can be treated with IVF?

Normally the cases when infertility specialists recommend IVF as ultimate destination to bear a child are as follows:

Problems diagnosed in Women:

1. When the lady suffers from Endometriosis.
2. Severe or unexplained blockage in the fallopian tubes.
3. When the ovulation cycle is disturbed due to irregular periods or pre-menopause.
4. When there is some problem in the formation of eggs due to antibodies or some another drug she might be taking.
5. Due to some problem in the uterus.
6. Due to any genetic disorder.

Problems diagnosed in men:

1. Due to the problems in sperms quality, semen or sperm count.
2. Any antibodies or strong drugs that can affect the sperms quality or count.
3. When case of unexplained fertility.
4. Any sort of genetic disorder.
5. The inability of sperm to penetrate or survive in the cervical mucus.

How a Cancer patient can go for IVF?

If anyone from a couple (willing to have a child) is suffering from cancer and wants to pursue for cancer treatment like chemotherapy or radiations. Then it should be kept in mind that such cancer treatments can harm the fertility of a person and in that case the couple can also go for IVF preservation like egg freezing / sperm freezing or both.

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