Monday, 5 December 2016

What is Endometriosis, It’s Symptoms and Diagnosis

It is gynecological condition in women in which Endometrial glands and stoma appear outside the body. This disease happens due to hormones so mostly occur in reproductive age of woman. 

Generally woman with Endometriosis disorder experience the increased COX-2 and aromatase activity in the endometrial tissue. So this condition results in increased level of estrogen as immediate symptoms of disease.

Symptoms of Endometriosis 

Along with the increased level of estrogen pelvic pain also develop through bleeding from the lesions. Generally woman experience drop of estrogen and progesterone at the end of menstrual cycle which is caused due to abnormal growth of endometrial tissue and bleeding which result into irritation and discomfort during periods. Excessive production of prostaglandins, metalloproteinases, cytokines, and chemokines also add to inflammatory process. 


Diagnosis for Endometriosis is not an easy task as it is not based on the symptoms. For the depth of diagnosis laparoscopy is required. Even studies have shown that ratio for surgically diagnosed Endometriosis woman is 1.6 in thousand and in the infertile woman this percentage is 20-50, whereas woman with pelvic pain have contribution of 40-50 percent.

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