Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Cases of IVF Increased Almost 25% in Last 5 Years

As per the experts infertility is increasing with the rapid pace as in last 5 five years, there is almost 25% increase in the infertility cases both in men and women. This figure is quite alarming for the couples and the infertility specialists. According to the infertility specialists modern lifestyle is the main culprit for the problem as it leads to problems like stress many diseases like diabetes which are significant cause for the infertility problem.

Even this issue was raised in the 2 day North zone infertility conference, in which 350 gynecologists, infertility specialists and physicians from all over the country took part.

In the conference the infertility issues, their causes and treatment options were discussed in detail and even the conference panel investigated the lifestyle of the modern generation is the main reason for the increase in infertility in both males and females. Modern youth has the work schedule so skewed that they hardly get time to relax and even suffer from the obesity and diabities like probem due to their sedentary job style.
As you know IVF is the most effective way to cure from the infertility issues. In IVF there are many treatments available like ICSI, Ovarian Induction (OI), IUI and many others. And also the IVF cost in India is too low as comparing to the other countries that why many couples visit India for their treatment.

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