Thursday, 22 December 2016

Govt. Introduces Surrogacy Bill in Lok Sabha (2016)

The government recently introduced a demonetization move, the Surrogacy (regulation) Bill in Lok Sabha. The bill is introduced with aim of banning the commercial surrogacy in order to protect the women from exploitation and also to ensure the right to born child through surrogacy.

When it will be once approved by Parliament, the commercial surrogacy will be completely banned. But there will be altruistic surrogacy only for needy infertile couples with strict regulations.

The bill is claimed for Indian citizens to avail for the surrogacy. Besides this, the couples who are having children are also not allowed for the surrogacy option. The bill is passed due to the unethical practices like exploitation of mothers.

The surrogacy bill also claims that the surrogacy option will be available to the legally married couple after the five years of their marriage with a statement from best surrogacy centre in India that the couple is not fir to reproduce a baby. The age limit for women is between 23 years to 50 years and for men is between 26 and 55 years.

Remember that, a woman will be a surrogate only for once in her life.

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