Thursday, 24 November 2016

Some Issues Related to Surrogacy

As good as it sounds for women who cannot give birth to their own babies; surrogacy has its complex issues as well. There are many issues to look over like the age of the surrogate mother, the condition of the donor egg and the most relevant one being the judicial part, in which they would be surrogate mother gives you full rights of the baby and to never claim any sort of right on the baby. 

Yes test tube baby is an option that can bring joy into the life a childless couple. But, life is not something to be taken for granted so before you embark on your decision of choosing IVF centre in India as your destination do go over all the points and in case of surrogacy please consult with your doctor and legal advisor for all the pros and cons. 

If you didn’t decide from where you can get the best treatment then you can contact to the Sofat Infertility Centre. We offer you low cost surrogacy treatment as per Indian government rules. You all can easily compare our prices with other clinics to get assured.

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