Tuesday, 29 November 2016

IVF treatment and its success rate

IVF is one of the best and most popular infertility treatments nowadays. IVF is the advanced lab procedure that is used for the infertility treatment. This treatment is for that couple who are facing infertility issues. IVF is also known as test tube baby. IVF treatment is developed more than 30 years ago for the treatment for women who suffering from infertility the problem with follicles damaged tubes. This process is best and increases the chances of pregnancy.

Who get IVF

IVF treatment plays an effective role and improves the pregnancy rate very easily. According to the central for diseases control in 2002 around 1.2 millions of American women of reproducing age consult to IVF doctor related to the infertility problem in the past year. But nowadays IVF treatment increases the chances of fertile. Mostly women suffer for damaged or blocked follicles tubes and men facing low sperm count problem.

Cost of the IVF

The IVF is very expensive treatment. The average cost of the IVF treatment is 75K to 1.50 Lakh. A middle-class person cannot easily afford the IVF treatment cost. If you find the low-cost IVF treatment center in India then you can search various infertility centers.

Side effects

The side effects of the IVF treatment are very low. But there is no risk of any bleeding and any infections and the recovery time of this process is very less as compared to others techniques.

IVF success rate

IVF success rate is very high and the success rate highly depends on the age and the health of the women and quality of her eggs. If women are health and the quality of the egg is good then she does not face any difficult to conceive.

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