Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Smoking can damage the Sperm quality

Researchers found that smoking can have a major negative effect on the quality of sperm. They also found that there are approximately 422 proteins that participate in sperm.

When they examined the sperms of smokers, they concluded that one of the proteins was absent, 27 proteins were under-represented and 6 of the proteins were over-represented in them.

Hence, the analyses of proteins in sperm suggested that cigarette smoking can have an inflammatory effect on the male reproductive part.
Consumption of cigarette smoking can damage DNA in smokers to the greater extent than in non-smokers.

When BJU international study took an experiment on 20 non-smoked and 20 smoked men, then the results comes in different semen alterations. Semen of smokers represented an inflammatory nature with decreased quality of sperm and of low sperm count that is enough to create infertility problem in males. Due to this, they are not able to generate a healthy pregnancy.

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